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Florida FairTax, Flagler County

Why Floridians Support the FairTax

The FairTax is fair: No more tax loopholes, deductions, special interest exemptions, or tax lobbyists—every Floridian and every American is treated the same.

The FairTax is simple: No more IRS, complex tax code, or preparing and filing individual tax returns!

The FairTax ensures Social Security’s soundness by funding it with a progressive, broad-based national retail sales tax, rather than the current regressive, narrow payroll tax.

The FairTax repeals the taxation of Social Security benefits and adjusts Social Security indexing to protect seniors.

The FairTax ends gift and estate taxes, along with all of the unfairness to heirs and complex planning for those who earned the money.

The FairTax wipes out federal taxes on America’s low-income families, ensures that no family pay taxes on the purchase of the necessities of life (as measured by the federal government’s poverty level expenditures), and lets all of us take home our whole paycheck.

The FairTax rescues the "Made in America" label, helps our Florida farmers and workers, and requires illegal immigrants to pay federal taxes as consumers.

Economic growth in Florida continues to outpace the nation, due largely to Florida being one of nine states without an income tax. The Fair Tax would allow the U.S. to follow a similar path when competing for global economic expansion.


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