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Florida FairTax, Greater Orlando Area (Seminole, Orange & Osceola Counties)


                END THE IRS - REPEAL THE 16TH

Have one of these Mini Bill Boards placed on your property to promote the FairTax.  Call Larry Walters to order your Bill Board.

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Say NO to ANY FORM of income tax. 100 years of twisted, corruptive taxing is enough.  Every Flat Tax proposal is a tax on income.  End the IRS.  Repeal the 16th and regain freedoms lost.  Your help is absolutely essential.  We have never been closer to getting the FairTax out of the Ways and Means Committee and onto the House floor for open debate and a vote.
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Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT) and Florida FairTax Educational Assn, Inc. (FFTEA) are non profit, non partisan grassroots organizations whose mission is to replace the regressive, intrusive Income Tax system with a progressive, equally applied, NO Loopholes consumption Tax System.
We the people get to keep our entire pay check in exchange for a pay as you go consumption tax on NEW goods and services.
Learn more at our Documents page or at

Why do we have a Fair Tax Support group?

To educate the people in our local area about the FairTax; what it is, how it works, and what it does.
Meetings are announced via this posting as well as the Yahoo Groups calendar, Fair Tax Nation, newspaper listing and, FFTEA's web site calendar.

During group meetings we inform our visitors and teach each other about the details of the FairTax so we are all able to give clear answers when asked questions about the FairTax. 

The group discusses ideas to get the FairTax all the attention it deserves as well as overcoming misinformation propagated by opposers to the FairTax! And we need all the input we can get, as well as more people to help.
The Longwood area group meetings are suspended until further notice.  Larry Walters has served as the community coordinator, then District Director since 2006 and is dealing with a uncurable cancer.  But he still makes the effort to do everything he can to keep interest alive within the Greater Orlando Area.
If you are willing to offer any volunteer support for this organization, please contact Larry and let him know of your availability.
Contact Larry Walters, Volunteer District Director,
The Oviedo support group No meetings until further notice do to illness. 
Contact Larry Walters at  

The area we serve.

Our groups cover the Greater Orlando area. We encourage anyone in Polk, Osceola, Orange & Seminole Countys to join us and help to develop Fair Tax groups in the local communities of Central Florida.

If you are aware of any local events where we may have an information table or civic/social organizations to do a presentation of the FairTax, please contact one of the officers or come to our meeting to discuss the activity.

Lenny Hollis of Southern Fire Protection in Sanford thanks Larry Walters for Bill Board installation

Lenny Hollis of Southern Fire Protection in Sanford thanks Larry Walters for Bill Board installation


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