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Oklahoma FairTax

The 113th Congress and where we stand

With the introduction of HR.25 The FairTax into the 113th congress we are happy to report a record of 53 initial co-sponsors.
Oklahoma came out of the 2012 elections with two newly elected representatives being firm FarTax supporters replacing the previous two supporters.

As our delegation stands:

District       Sponsor?   Caucus?
1   Jim Bridenstine   Yes   Yes
2   Markwayne Mullin   Yes   Yes
  Frank Lucas   Yes   Yes
  Tom Cole   No
  James Lankford   Yes   Yes
Sen.   Tom Coburn        
Sen.   James Inhofe        

With tax reform being the talk in D.C. in 2013 Rep. Rob Woodall from Georgia is forming a 'FairTax Caucus' so there is a gathering of support for The FairTax as debate gets underway.

As of this update the senate version of the bill has yet to be introduced.
We'll update the details once this takes place which should be later this month.
However as both Sen. Inhofe and Sen. Coburn have been supporters in the past we do not see this changing.

District 4 sadly is the only hold out on support of The FairTax here in Oklahoma.
Tom Cole has yet to support the bill by cosponsoring it so as always we ask that you call his office asking him to support the only 'real' tax reform bill HR.25 The FairTax and of course tell your friends and family in the district to do the same.

District Offices:
Norman: (405) 329-6500
Ada: (580) 436-5375
Lawton: (580) 357-2131

Washington D.C. Office:
(202) 225-6165

Thank you for your continued support

Tony Leach
District 3 Deputy Director

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