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Florida FairTax, Volusia County

Grassroots volunteers working to stimulate our economy & bring America back to its Glory


FairTax, Volusia County, Florida

Join the Florida FairTax Educational Association with a tax deductible donation and help our State FairTax educational efforts!  Join


If you haven't visited our FFTEA web site(see above) lately, now is the time! When you enter our site, the first page is called a splash page which has video answers to typical FairTax questions.

Please enjoy all videos before continuing to the FFTEA home page  to learn more about the FairTax and equally important, JOIN FFTEA to make FairTax happen in 2013 !




Contact: Alison Curtiss   caninecoach10@yahoo.com407-416-0378



Contact: Tim Willis  386-801-4555


Orange City

             Contact:John Wehmeier; 386-216-6859



Contact: Harriet Seymour,   386-479-7818



Other Meeting Locations Starting Soon/ leadership positions open:

  • Pierson
  • Lake Helen
  • Port Orange
  • Daytona Beach

If interested, please contact Rudy below.... help shape the future of USA





Rudy Treml -- located in DeLand ---- FFTEA BOD MEMBER




********** WHO ARE WE ? **********

We are volunteers working to pass the Fairtax Act, supported by donations of new ideas, special skills, spare time and (precious) money.

*********  WHAT DO WE DO ?    **********

We educate citizens about the FairTax Act (HR-25 and S-13),
true tax reform for the USA.

********** HOW DO WE DO IT ? *********

We use the FairTax name and logo (on shirts, hats, bumper stickers, yard signs, etc ....) to tell people there is a fair way to fund our Government. Everyone should support our government and pay their Fair Share while we give those Americans a helping hand to advance into society -- not remain a "ward" of the federal government.  The FairTax is the tool needed to accomplish fairness for all.

We talk with people and hand out flyers and information at local events. We host seminars and send e-mails to those who have expressed interest in knowing more.


FairTax & FFTEA 

The Florida FairTax Educational Association (FFTEA), a 501(c)(3) entity, has been formed in Florida and is now on-line. In order for us to successfully educate the citizens of Florida and broaden the support for the FairTax, we need your membership and tax deductible contribution.

If you believe that the FairTax is the right way to solve the complexities of the current taxing system and that the FairTax will save our economy, go to and join other like minded concerned Floridians and become a member. 

Please join the Florida FairTax Educational Association and help further our local efforts!  Join at

FairTax Continues to GROW

FairTax Continues to GROW


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