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Georgia FairTax, District 4


March On Washington DC

Over 50 GA Fair Tax supporters marched on Washington DC! On September 11th the Georgia Fair Tax supporters joined other Fair Tax supporters from across the nation in Washington, DC.  Their first stop was the IRS Building where they held a 9/11 Memorial Service for those who had lost their lives.  Then they "Stormed the Hill," splitting up into 3 groups and went to talk to the Blue Dog Democrats about Fair Tax.  Headed up by Charlie Prochaska our 2nd District Director, they went to speak with the representatives and their staff about Fair Tax, voicing our concerns that Washington is not listening to the majority of the American public. Before leaving their offices they left letters and Fair Tax literature.


Then on September 12th, they join the other 2 million people at our Nations Capital to participate in the March on Washington wearing our FairTax gear and carrying our FairTax posters, they signed up multitudes of new FairTaxers.

Below is a link of the event on 9/12:

Link Here:


There are several ways that you can assist in getting the Fair Tax HR25 bill passed. From simply wearing fair Tax gear to stepping up into a leadership position.  Wearing your Fair Tax shirt or hat when you are out in public may just get at least one person to wonder ‘What is Fair Tax’.   Volunteering at events help educate those that are unaware how their life will change if the Fair Tax were passed.  Stepping into a leadership role such as a Community Coordinator is an easy way to assure your community becomes aware and stays informed about the progress of the Fair Tax movement.

With Georgia recently forming Georgians For Fair Taxation, we will now be able to move Fair Tax even further.  There are several ideas being considered at this time.  One thing that has happened is the GAFAIRTAX website is being redesigned.  The aim is to make it more user friendly, as well as be THE website for you to go to for Fair Tax information.  One of the features is a link directly to your Districts website, straight from the sight.

Another idea that is being implemented is that at every event we are having letters that supporters can sign.  These letters will be turned into your District Director, who will hand deliver the letters to the Districts Congressman’s Desk.

The final idea that is now implemented is that across the state we are asking each of the Fair Tax supporters to put pressure on the Congressmen that have not signed on as Co-Sponsor of the Fair Tax Bill.  Supporters, Community Coordinators and District Directors in Districts who’s Congressman has signed on are being asked to contact the District Directors of Non Sponsors and offer their help.

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