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Florida FairTax, South Group

South Florida Group

South Florida Group

Palm Beach County is getting organized!

Pam Beach County Supporters of the FairTax Initiative are invited to join the Community Support Group now being formed. If you would like to become active in creating a Speaker's Bureau, or working to develop Editorial and Media Contacts, or perhaps have a talent for Events Planing and Coordination -- these and other activities are means needed to spread the word and to build support for H.R. 25 (FairTax Bill) throughout our area. 

Over the next two years, through the FFTEA, we have the opportunity in Florida to lead the way for the rest of the Nation in this much-needed tax reform. 


Broward County is getting organized, also

Please  contact Marty Murray, County Coordinator at:


I have an up-to-date FairTax PowerPoint Presentation, call Marty Murray at 954-290-1070.

The FairTax was a much discussed issue during the past Republican Presidential primary in 2008, and will be an even hotter issue during the elections of 2012 since many Tea Party candidates who supported the FairTax won last November.

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