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Maine FairTax

Welcome to Maine-iacs for the FairTax!

We Need help in Maine growing our Team... Up for the challenge?

Did you know that Maine is listed as the 50th worst state to do business in?

Yes that it the case, and if you look real close at Maine's history you will see it is rife with one poor spending decision after another...

Taxes continue to be one of the biggest road blocks to growing business here... 

We MUST work hard to move forward one of the most important keys to ensuring Liberty for American's, and that is giving them more of their income. By doing this we return power back to the People and limit the influence that government has in our prosperity.

Please join the Fair Tax Nation, its easy...

1) Sign up for our email list.

2) Learn all you can through this site and contact with other Fair Tax supporters. Know your information inside and out.

3) Donate to the cause. Donate what you can. Financial support is critical for our success.

4) Give what time you can. ANY help is a good thing.


Join us and help make America stronger than ever before!