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Texas FairTax, Dallas/Ft Worth

Dallas Ft. Worth Area Director

  A Person with the FACTS is never at the mercy of someone with just an opinion!

A Person with the FACTS is never at the mercy of someone with just an opinion!

Bill Fisher

As the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Director, Bill coordinates all Fair Tax activities with each of the 10 Metroplex Congressional District Directors. You can reach Bill at the following email address:

Document Downloads: There are documents available for download to help you expose others to the Fair Tax. Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax Comparison; An Open letter to the President, Congress and the American People; Top Reasons why Democrats support the Fair Tax, and others. (Click on 'View Documents' to the right of this pagagraph) There are many other educational resources available by clicking 'About The Fair Tax' at the top of this page. 



You will notice under the heading of 'other pages', each congressional district in the DFW area. You can go to these pages and determine who is the Fair Tax Leader in your congressional district. If you'd like to see The Fair Tax become a reality, contact your District Director and find what you can do to help! WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Please consider the 5 for FairTax plan under which you may make monthly contributions as low as $5.00 per month to the FairTax cause.  The FairTax/DFW organization is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff.  Our mission is to educate the American public, and especially the taxpayers of North and N.E. Texas on the FairTax. 100% of your donation will be directly supporting this educational mission. Our modest expenses for internet service, document printing, etc must be paid from small donations. Thank you for any contribution you feel is appropriate.  Please go to  and follow the easy instructions after you click on Donate. 

Note: Each page has the District's Congressperson and their support or non-support of the FairTax.  The small button to the right is a link to their individual email address. 



"To create a grass-roots effort that will secure the Co-Sponsorship of H.R.25 by ALL NINE Dallas/Ft. Worth Congressional Representatvies


What have you done today to help move FairTax forward?

Go to and support them with a small or large monthly contribution.

Easy, simple things each day are powerful.
1. Wear a FairTax Hat, T-shirt, or a FairTax button.
2. Order a bumper sticker

Order a bunch and ask your friends to wear one and help you with a reimburse donation.

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