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Virginia FairTax

Welcome to the Virginia FairTax Club Page

Ways and Means Targeting Plan

Great news! No question - some form of tax reform is going to happen within a year. The question is, when and will it be real tax reform or just more political gamesmanship. The only true tax reform is replacing the current tax code with the FairTax. 

We have been told the Ways and Means Committee will examine tax reform alternatives, including HR 25 “The FairTax Act,” sometime early in 2013!   While this is encouraging news we must get HR 25 from Ways and Means to the floor of the House so a full and open debate can take place.

Rest assured, this will not happen without a comprehensive plan to make Ways
and Means districts a hotbed of FairTax activity. We have developed a District
Targeting Plan (DTP) and want you to know that you are critical to its’

In the DTP, we have identified 23 Congressional districts across 19 states
and the grassroots leaders responsible for executing the plan. The objective of
the DTP is for targeted districts to become saturated with the FairTax. We want
a majority of all voting age adults in these districts to understand the FairTax
Plan and how it will directly benefit them.

This is a comprehensive plan with five core components:

1) Papering each district with FairTax billboards, yard signs and posters so that everyone will see a FairTax sign sometime during their daily journey.

2) Presenting the FairTax to every district group and organization.  We will ask for members to help us communicate the FairTax value proposition to the district’s Representative.

3) Meeting with district media to educate them on the FairTax Plan, and to secure their commitment to discussing tax reform and the FairTax. We believe when the truth about the FairTax is made available to voters, they will agree the FairTax is the best and only choice for real tax reform.

4) Launching a targeted media campaigns in target districts focused on recruiting, educating and encouraging current and future FairTax activists.

5) Providing a FairTax presence at public events, presentations, fairs and celebrations throughout the district.


We plan to execute the DTP from January 15 to April 15, 2013. We will be sending you more information and contacting you directly to ask for your help in distributing signs, assisting with groups and supporting events.

If you live in a non-Ways and Means district we need your help too.

For those who are in close proximity to a targeted district, you can help with manpower, materials, and resources.  For others, it is imperative that we continue our effort to identify 3,000 new FairTax activists in every Congressional district across the nation.

Our time is now and this campaign is going to be intense, focused, continuous and effective.

A campaign of this magnitude cannot be done without a war chest. We have approximately 30 days to get ours ready. We need to place orders for yard signs,
billboards and other support materials.

We are setting up a special DTP fund and ask that you make you a donation
specifically for this campaign.

If every one of about 200,000 FairTax supporters around the nation who receive FairTax Friday will simply make a one time, $10 donation, we will have an initial war chest of $2 million!



FairTax: Fire Up Our Economic Engine   

is a blockbuster new-release video guaranteed to rally viewers around replacing America's tax system with the FairTax. 

Watch it now...




Take this opportunity to set up an event in YOUR area to gather people to watch the premiere of this new video. 

Take the lead in identifying and planning for other events like the Suffolk Car Show, the 100 mile Yard Sale, where FairTaxers can come together to educate the public and expand our grassroots base.  Let us know so that we can help coordinate, get volunteer support and advertise it.  To be successful in Virginia, we will need everyone's help to spread our network within the state.

Contact us and let us know...     

We will need volunteers for a number of upcoming events to sign up new FairTax supporters and spread the word about the FairTax.  Plan to spend some time with us working booths and talking to people.  Go to our events page for more information on how you can help.




New OpEd Piece From Crain's Chicago Business

It's time to dump the income tax

By: Richard Pepper September 06, 2012

With U.S. unemployment at a persistent 8.3 percent since January and the national
economy hovering at a meager growth rate of 1 to 2 percent, it is clear that
American business needs a boost.

There is much national debate over how to stimulate economic growth — whether to
spend or save our way out of debt. However, no one seems to be addressing the
root cause of the problem — the 77,000-page Federal Income Tax Code that is
full of loopholes and contradictions, and which perpetuates inequities that
polarize the American people into haves and have-nots.

For a growing number of Americans, the only solution is replacement of the current
federal income tax with the FairTax Plan, a federal consumption-based program
that taxes citizens on what they spend, not what they earn. The FairTax is a new, simplified, transparent and utterly equitable system of revenue generation that levels the economic playing field, does away with the IRS bureaucracy altogether, saving $13
billion-plus a year, and brings a $1 trillion efficiency to U.S. business every year.

Since 2000, pursuant to action by its board of directors, the Associated General Contractors of America has endorsed and supported the FairTax Plan. As chairman and CEO of Pepper Construction, I previously served as president of the 30,000-member trade association, which represents the construction professionals who build America. It was through my association with contractors group that I first learned about and became an active supporter of the FairTax.

The FairTax is a comprehensive plan to replace federal income and payroll taxes,
including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social
Security/Medicare, self-employment and corporate taxes with a 23 percent
consumption tax on new goods and services — no exceptions, exclusions or
exemptions. Included in the plan is a constitutional amendment (HJR 16) that
repeals the 16th Amendment and makes a federal income tax unconstitutional.

Last November, Americans for Fair Taxation released estimated incremental revenue
projections as if the FairTax were in effect in 2009 and 2010. The estimates,
developed by David Tuerck, chairman of the economics department and executive
director of the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University in Boston, demonstrate that the consumption tax would have generated $171 billion more in 2009 than the income taxes did. In 2010, its surplus would have risen to $267 billion.

It is also important to note that under the FairTax, Social Security and Medicare
funds are no longer triple-taxed as they are under the income tax when payroll
taxes are initially withheld; the withheld payroll taxes are counted as part of
the taxable base for income tax purposes; and finally, when the promised benefits are finally received. With the FairTax, Social Security operates exactly as it does today, except it is funded from a broad-based, progressive national retail sales tax versus a narrow, regressive payroll tax.

The FairTax lowers business compliance costs and eradicates the tax wedge that
drives up the costs of U.S. goods both domestically and overseas. With the FairTax consumers will pay the actual price of a product or service with no hidden tax components, and workers will keep 100 percent of the wages they earn. The FairTax will eliminate the 15 to 25 percent cost discrepancy manufacturers of American goods face when competing in international trade.

U.S. exports are expensive, and foreign imports are, at retail, cheap. The FairTax
levels the playing field. Under the FairTax, imported goods and domestically
produced goods incur the same U.S. consumption tax. With the present system,
U.S. companies and workers must pay income tax and payroll taxes, but foreign goods enter the country entirely free of any U.S. tax, other than whatever modest customs duties are levied. The FairTax removes all taxes on exports, restoring the international competitiveness of American manufacturers in the global marketplace.

What all this means to America is the increased availability of funds to apply to debt retirement, positive economic growth and job creation. And growing our economy creates opportunities for young Americans ages 18-29, 1.7 million of whom have been jobless for the past year, the highest unemployment rate for that age group since World War II. This is a generation in danger of becoming a “lost generation,” jobless and without prospects to become productive, contributing members of our society and future leaders of American commerce.

At Pepper Construction, we have a culture of dedicated, hardworking employees and
an expectation of making a fair profit for the work we do. Adopting the FairTax
will go a long way towards ensuring our future competitiveness, and the
competitiveness of our nation.

Richard Pepper is chairman of Pepper Construction Group LLC in Chicago.




Welcome to the VA FairTax Club Page.

My name is Bob Frenzel and I live in the Alexandria, VA area.  I recently relocated to the DC area from Jacksonville, FL, where I had been involved with the FairTax since 2005 as a District Director and helped to establish the Florida FairTax Educational Association, a 501(c)(3) that was formed to support the FairTax in Florida, working closely with Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT).  I served on the Board of Directors along with Mark Gupton, the Managing Director and FL State Director for AFFT, Dr. Karen Walby, the chief economist for AFFT, Steven Hayes, a long-time senior advisor to AFFT and others.  Working together with dedicated FairTaxers we were able to build an extensive network within FL.

My goal is to bring that experience and success to Virginia.  There are many dedicated FairTaxers here, serving both in leadership and supporting roles.  We will build upon that effort and extend our network within Virginia.  It will take a lot of effort and commitment, but I know there are more people out there that will support our vision.

This club page will initially serve as our statewide communications tool. Thanks to Don Koop and Jackie Bledsoe for working with Aaron Schutte in Houston to get it started.  The database for the club page will be constructed so that we can use it to communicate at a Congressional District level or any combination of districts.  We will also have the ability to create other lists to communciate with key FairTax leadership around the state.  As our network grows, we will evaluate creating addition club pages for specific geographical areas of the state.  We have a lot of ground to cover in VA, so that should be useful at some point in the future.

However, in order to do that, we need to grow our grassroots base exponentially in as short a period of time as possible.  Based on approximately 9000+ members in the database, we need a five-fold increase to a grassroots network of 45,000.  The AFFT target goal for creating a critical mass that Members of Congress can no longer ignore is 3,000 per Congressional District or 5,000 if the Member is on the Ways and Means Committee.  We will adopt those target goals as we build our network.

Speaking of networks, one of the best ways of increasing our grassroots efforts is to partner with others of like minds.  We still have to work to convince everyone that the FairTax is the only way we can fix Washington.  However, utilize the natural synergies with Tea Party activities, FairTax Nation efforts and others to bring people into the FairTax fold.  

Remember, FairTax is a NON-PARTISAN effort.  We are not affiliated with any political party or candidate nor can we advocate on their specific behalf.  Our focus is to educate the public about the FairTax and encourage them to make their views known to their representatives in Washington.

I look forward to working with all of you to make passage of the FairTax a near-term reality.  Let me know your thoughts and suggestions...

Bob Frenzel







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