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Florida FairTax, Polk County


Go to to find out more about the Fairtax

To help with Polk County Fairtax education contact:

Pete Adams 863 370-9053  (

Glynnda White 407-401-4162 (



Tired of high income taxes and confusing tax forms?

Americans for fair taxation presents

The FairTaxSM – HR 25/SB 13

The simple, honest, visible and progressive federal sales tax plan!”

Don’t be misled by recent debates in the news.

Learn the true details of this federal sales tax proposal which:

  • Eliminates all federal
    income withholding taxes

  • Eliminates all FICA taxes
    including employer contributions

  • Gives you control of 100%
    of your paycheck

  • Abolishes the IRS 

  • Eliminates all corporate and
    self-employment taxes

  • Eliminates all gift, estate, and capital gains taxes

  • Restores financial privacy to
    all citizens

  • Ensures Social Security funding


And replaces all federal government revenues with a national sales tax on
only new goods and services at the retail level!


Mimis Cafe

3770 Lakeside Village Ct. Lakeland, FL 33803

When: Tuesday August 7 at 7:00PM

Open to everyone.




Presented by: Florida Fair Tax Education Association

Speaker: Pete Adams

Sponsored by: Mimis Cafe

Bring your questions!

For more information on the FairTax, visit

For local information call Pete Adams 863 370-9053

 Feature presentation:

What if Thomas Jefferson were to revisit America today?


SMFairTax is a service mark of Americans For Fair Taxation.

2006 Americans For Fair Taxation. All rights reserved.

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