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Florida District 03

Welcome to Florida District 3 website!

Our Mission:

To educate the citizens of Florida District 3 of the many benefits of the FairTax.  To help change our country’s tax code from income based to consumer based.  By enactment of the FairTax we can eliminate ALL federal taxes based on income, close down the IRS, repeal the 16th amendment, lessen the tax burden on our citizens, create jobs and grow the economy, and stop the manipulation of our tax code to reward some and punish others.  HR 25 /  S 122, the FairTax bill, is legislation already in Congress.  The FairTax is FAIR - the FairTax is SIMPLE - the FairTax is TRANSPARENT.     When you understand it, you'll demand it!


We now have more co-sponsors for the FairTax bill than we have ever had in the history of our movement!  HR 25 is sponsored by Rep. Bob Woodall (GA) and now has 74 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.  S122 is sponsored by Sen. Saxby Chamblis (GA) and has 8 co-sponsors in the Senate.  That makes a total of 84 signers!  None of this would be possible without the extrodinary efforts of our volunteers and we are very thankful to have you.  But let's not stop now.  Let's make 2014 the year we reach the 100 signers mark.  

To that point, we are pleased to report that our District 3 Congressman, Rep. Ted Yoho, is one of the 11 Florida representatives who has cosponsored HR 25, the FairTax bill.  Why not drop him a line, email him, or phone his office to let him know that we appreciate his support?

Unfortunately, we must also report that neither of our two Florida Senators have cosponsored S 122, the Senate companion bill for the FairTax.  Let’s put a little friendly pressure on our Senators with a call, visit or email.   Make sure you are polite, but get your point across that you want them the support the FairTax.  It is time they listen to the people they were elected to represent.

You can find their contact information at the right under "Representative Information".


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