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We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Feature Article: Uniting Our America

You’ll see the same articles each election year: A family with opposing campaign signs in their yard or a couple barely on speaking terms because of their political differences.

But the problem goes deeper than that, doesn't it?

Americans divided into hostile party camps cannot force real reforms and unite to oppose the special interests who’s lobbyists empower each side of the aisle. Year after year, the will of the people to clean up Washington is conquered and pushed aside.

Enter the FairTax - something every American can rally around!

It doesn’t matter if you lean Republican or Democratic, want a better job, more privacy, a chance to move up, simpler taxes, a booming economy or would just prefer to keep your paycheck instead of the IRS - the FairTax is the answer our nation is searching to find!

Remember, the FairTax is not just a political slogan. Unlike almost every other movement, our efforts are non-partisan with volunteers setting aside differences to focus on what we all can agree on. It means Conservatives sign up supporters at the Netroots Nation conference and Liberals educate activists at tea parties.

Our broken tax system hurts every American, and it will take citizens from all parts of the political spectrum to fix it.

So find the person you most often disagree with over politics, shake their hand and explain the transformation the FairTax would bring to our nation.

Show them the FairTax is truly uniting the right, left and center against the self-interests of Congress.

Thank you!

Grassroots Spotlight: Jerry Nielsen

Jerry is the kind of American this nation needs to see more - a FairTax advocate and grassroots hero.

He continues to go to difficult venues to educate all Americans on the benefits of the FairTax. This month Jerry worked the Right Online conference then was prepared to go solo at Netroots Nation to reach people on the other side of the aisle until more volunteers were found. He is at every local meeting, helps staffs booths at events and educates more through motorcycle rides.

Jerry’s also been known to attract the ire of GOP and Democratic party leaders in Wisconsin for dogging candidates from both parties during elections and at public attractions. He is truly tireless when it comes to advancing the FairTax.

Many thanks for your efforts and example Jerry!

Is someone your FairTax inspiration? Email to nominate them for the spotlight!

Special Event Report - Netroots Nation

The following are excerpts from a report by Jerry Nielsen.

First and foremost the FairTax and its representatives were treated with respect. As for the discussions that took place at the convention, they mainly dealt with the progressivity of the FairTax. The common misconception stands that the rich still will not be paying “their fair share”, and businesses still won’t pay “their fair share.”

A blogger from the WSJ asked how we were being treated. I answered him that I have been treated much harsher from a lot of tea party groups that I have been invited to speak at, which he was surprised to hear. Also most people agreed with me that if the leaders of both parties can agree that they don’t like the FairTax, then it is worth a look.

In summary it was well worth the time and effort. We have numerous supporters in the progressive movement. 

FairTax In the News

Cain Is Right About Repealing Income

Presidential candidate Herman Cain is right on target advocating the revocation of the income tax law, repealing the 16th Amendment, and substituting for it a tax on consumption. All the other candidates and President Barack Obama talk about "raising taxes" or "reforming" the tax law. Neither is possible.

There have been an endless amount of tax-reforming legislation passed into law going back for decades. All that happens is the opposite. More tax law, more special-interest group provisions, more pork, more lobbyists, more regulation, more penalties, more destruction of the U.S. trade relations, more incentive for business to move jobs or the company itself out of America, more loss of liberties of the taxpayers, and more corruption of the Congress and the President. That's just the short list...

Governor Gary Johnson Talks Reform Platform for Presidential RunSan Francisco Chronicle

..."I would also be advocating eliminating the income tax, eliminating the IRS, and replacing that with a fair tax, which by all accounts free-market economists believe a fair tax would be just that, a fair tax. Everyone would pay their fair share and it would absolutely promote savings by doing that."..

Understanding the FairTax Webinar 

With Special Topic: Is the 23% rate enough, given Washington spending habits?

When: Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain,  5 pm Pacific

Where: At your personal computer

Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join Marc Manieri, Americans for Fair Taxation Community Coordinator in the Greater Orlando, Florida area. In their third year now, Marc’s webinars draw national participation from seasoned FairTax supporters as well as those just getting introduced to the FairTax.

Join: To participate, register here. For more information contact Larry Walters at

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 Top Ten Reasons Democrats Strongly Support the FairTax
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