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Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. - Charles Dickens

Five Reasons We're Thankful Right Now

We hope you have had an abundant and safe Thanksgiving!

As we have been gathering with those we hold near and dear, we thought we would share with fellow FairTaxers some of the reasons we are thankful so far in 2011.

Grassroots leaders organizing

FairTax volunteer leaders are building stronger organizations and networking across districts, states and the nation! New activists are filling new roles and FairTaxers are being heard like never before!

Congressman Woodall's leadership

Our FairTax champion in Congress, representing all FairTaxers everywhere, is Representative Rob Woodall. He provides invaluable counsel to our cause while meeting face-to-face with fellow Representatives to make the FairTax case.  Representative Woodall’s passion for the FairTax is a site to behold during his powerful speeches on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, and his constant enthusiasm for a better America serves as a rich example and inspiration for us all.

Washington is more receptive to the FairTax

Thanks to your continued pressure, combined with worsening economic pressures and continued legislative dysfunction, the FairTax is gaining traction as the one new idea worth considering.  

Consider that in 2011 alone the House Ways and Mean committee held the first hearing to specifically examine the FairTax plan.  In addition, a record number of co-sponsors have joined Senator Saxby Chambliss as co-sponsors, and Americans For Fair Taxation was recently invited to testify before a Joint Economic Committee hearing.  Like never before, our elected officials in Washington are hearing about the FairTax - the single most transformational tax reform plan in the history of our nation.

Tax reform is on the agenda

Our nation is facing incredible challenges with national debt, astronomical unemployment rates and a level of economic doldrums that has few historical parallels.  Even out-of-touch politicians can see the damage our byzantine tax code inflicts on the country and American business. The drumbeat for major tax reform is becoming louder and more urgent.

The talk of tweaking our 70,000+ pages of regulatory code is being overshadowed by a search for a total replacement. Years of research shows there is no better solution than the FairTax!

Americans want non-partisan reforms

As the bickering of Washington politicians grinds into gridlock, frustration with partisan politics only grows more intense.  Americans are sick and tired of elected officials putting their party’s agenda before our nation’s welfare, and they are demanding representatives who yearn to govern by placing the nation’s best interest above their own. 

More and more Americans want their elected officials to support the FairTax.  The only tax replacement plan developed by average Americans, working with economists, for the good of the American people – free of partisan politics.  It is the one plan that can unite the left, right and center against the self-interests of Washington.

The FairTax Picture of the Week

Cooper Chu Bennett at Summit NJ Street Fair

Cooper Chu Bennett at the Summit, NJ Street Fair

The FairTax in the News 

‘Fair tax’ momentum growing on Capitol Hill - The Journal Gazette

What supporters call a “fair tax” was hatched in the 1990s and has been building support in recent years on Capitol Hill. Nearly 80 federal lawmakers, including four from Indiana, have co-sponsored fair-tax legislation this year. A fair-tax advocacy group, Americans for Fair Taxation, submitted data last week for the congressional debt-reduction committee to consider.

And about 8,400 people have participated in online voting on this year’s fair-tax bills at, with 80 percent supporting either the House version (HR 25) or the identical Senate measure (S-13)…

 “Fair tax is a jobs bill disguised as a tax bill,” Armstrong, a retired district sales manager for a specialty seal manufacturer, said about prospects for reduced production costs if the corporate income tax is eliminated. The legislation also would exempt the consumption tax for exports and purchases by businesses, in theory strengthening American manufacturers.

Fair Tax is better - The Florida Times-Union

I read with interest U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s explanation of his AGREE Act.

I agree that it will take an expansion of small businesses and incentivizing foreign investment in the private sector to fix the economy.

He referred to “non-controversial” tax relief. I can only assume he was alluding to the Fair Tax.

It may be controversial inside the Washington Beltway, but it certainly is not controversial with the American people...

- Sam Kemp - Jacksonville, FL

The December FairTax Webinar

With Special Topic: The FairTax Effect on Education

When: Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain,  5 pm Pacific

Where: At your personal computer anywhere!

Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join Marc Manieri, Americans for Fair Taxation Community Coordinator in the Greater Orlando, Florida area. In their third year now, Marc’s webinars draw national participation from seasoned FairTax supporters as well as those just getting introduced to the FairTax.

Join: To participate, register here. For more information contact Larry Walters at

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Woodall floor jobs speech

Rep Woodall: The FairTax will bring jobs back to America

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