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Do we need more referees in the tax game?

Imagine this: Referees are booked for a sporting event to ensure everyone follows the rules and to keep the game fair.

But as the game progresses, something happens. More referees are added, then more and more - all with new rules!

To make things even more confusing, the referees don't agree on how the new rules apply so some players get penalized and others don't for doing the thing.

Soon, the players have to change the way they play, concentrating on dodging the referees in order to comply with their complex new rules.

Meanwhile, something even more sinister is happening in the background. Some influential fans are getting their favorite players “exemptions” from certain rules and having penalties thrown at their opponents.

As the game grinds on, frustration is building in the stands too! Fans have to pay more and more to cover “referee surcharges” while enjoying the slowing game even less.

Sound familiar?

This story of a game gone horribly wrong is the perfect analogy for the way our current federal tax code has been hijacked by lawmakers and lobbyist securing special favors for hometown districts and special interest. The net effect is a tax code that is penalizes individual and business economic growth and suffocates our nation’s economy prosperity.

So what should we do?

Take away the extra referees in the tax game and let America get back in the game! Cut out the special interests and lobbyist and let everyone compete by the same rules.

To do this, we need Congress to support the FairTax and we need you to make sure your elected representatives know that you are holding them accountable on election day for our nation’s economic recovery. 

Our thanks to FairTax supporter, Paul Murphy, for the great idea for this article.

The FairTax Picture of the Week

IL FairTax trashes IRS

Quincy FairTaxers strategic ads to trash the IRS!

The FairTax Poll of the Week

How should Congress fix our tax system?

- Add more exemptions and loopholes to increase fairness

- Completely replace it with the FairTax legislation

- Increase the IRS budget so its over $11,000,000,000 annually

- Nothing, it works great just the way it is

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The FairTax in the News 

Fair Tax is best solution to woesMy Central Jersey

…Finally, Washington must admit that our antiquated tax system is incapable of adapting to the competitive global market place of the 21st century and should be replaced with the only tax system designed for a competitive free market economy, the FairTax ( as outlined in HR25. Under this plan inequities and tax loopholes are eliminated, the poor and middle class receive much needed tax relief, the U.S. becomes a global business magnet and job growth surges to record levels. Unemployment shrinks as Americans go back to work and the size of the IRS is reduced…

- Robert Letu

Our problematic tax systemThe Observer

Earlier in the year, I wrote about the Fair Tax. I argued that it would solve many of the problems our country faces today. This article will take a step back and ask, "What are those problems?"…

The first problem is its overwhelming length, which serves as an enormous inconvenience to the average citizen. Most people do not have the time to sort through a tax code that consists of 9,097,000 words. It's even longer than the Bible!...

The second problem is the partiality of the current tax code, which prevents people from paying their fair share to the government. Some, understandably, may assume that I will spend the rest of this article ranting in favor of raising taxes on the rich. That won't be the case. Both the upper class and the lower class need to accept blame. We can talk about a solution later, but this much must be a given…

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