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“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” - Anthony Robbins

Pictures From the Front Lines

Our great nation abounds with patriots who are willing to sacrifice their time, treasure and especially talents, to bring change to their country.

The FairTax movement is blessed to have many of these energetic patriots working as volunteers to transform America with the passage of the FairTax legislation

We thought you would enjoy seeing some of these FairTax heroes who deserve our gratefulness.  

Here are some pictures showing a multitude of ways in which dedicated FairTaxers help educate those in their communities about the FairTax!

The Florida FairTax Educational Association participated in "GeorgeFest" in Eustis, Florida, February 24-26. At this 3 day event, they had a FairTax tent to educate the public and participated in the George Washington parade on Saturday morning.

Rudy Treml as George Washington

At the request of the Lake Eustis area Chamber of Commerce, Rudy Treml, FairTax District Director for Central Florida, played the role of President Washington (above) while also supporting the FairTax effort!

1932 Ford mini billboard FL

One of the three FairTax vehicles in the parade was a 1932 Ford with FairTaxers David Hurley (owner) and Patti Wood in a Statue of Liberty outfit.

Sue Hooper, Eustis Mayor and CC

This FairTax event was coordinated by Sue Hooper, FairTax Community Coordinator for Eustis and Assistant FFTEA Procurement Officer (above) - who also just happens to be the current Mayor of Eustis!


FairTax Racing

FairTax Racing operates a race car in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) to promote the FairTax!

Detroit for FairTax

A homemade yard sign standing ouside of Detroit.

"The FairTax Flash is a great way to spread the FairTax message. Studies show that the normal individual must hear or see a message seven times before they “recognize” it. By combining the FairTax Flash with signs placed around the community, and the occasional radio ads or PSAs, the FairTax Flash is a media multiplier, making our other efforts just that much more effective. 

FairTax Flash Ohio

And the FairTax Flash works with groups as small as five or six, although larger numbers are better. Just pick a place with a lot of public foot or vehicle traffic. Show up for about a half hour or so, and interact with the public as much as circumstances allow, and then disperse (often to get something to eat or drink.) You don’t even need to hand anything out, or try and collect signatures. Your presence is enough to help raise the public consciousness regarding the FairTax!"

Steve Curtis, Ohio State Director

Baby Entire Paycheck

Kristina Bouterse writes, “When he grows up, he'll keep his entire paycheck!”

Wayne Carey truck FL

Central Florida now has a pickup truck roaming the roads for FairTax! A big thank you goes to FairTax supporter, Wayne Carey, for his efforts to construct the setup that holds two 4’ x 8’ mini-billboards and of course the continuous use of his pick-up truck in the area. Besides the roaming FairTax truck, Wayne has also erected three more mini-billboards on properties he owns at major road junctions.

FairTax Groom's Cake

The Groom's Cake of's Grassroots Director

If you have pictures of FairTax events, please forward them to for future editions of the FairTax Friday!

A Brand New Coming Soon

We are thrilled to announce a complete remake of which is going live later this month!

We're working hard to make an even stronger and clearer case for the bill that will restore the American economy and give us control over our taxes.

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The FairTax in the News

Tax system is holding back the country - Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

…Our current tax system is not about collecting revenue the government needs. It is about power and control. It forces employers to deduct the government's taxes. It pries into every interest earned from every savings account. It demands to know every dividend from every company to every recipient. It demands to know the date of every stock purchase and every sale and the cash values. It limits the amounts we may place in our retirement IRAs. It provides kickbacks to each citizen or company that bends to government expectations. It forces job creators to expend tremendous amounts of time and money to follow each regulation enforced by the IRS. It forces those with careers to calculate living expenses not from what they earn but from what the government allows them to keep.

Our current tax system is a mess, a very expensive mess requiring statements from every worker and every company. It has held our economy back for almost 100 years. We should make it illegal for employers to withhold taxes so we could see how much we pay in taxes. We should pass the FairTax so only retailers collect and remit taxes. Everyone would at least see the cost of our government. The FairTax prebate makes the FairTax progressive.

Best regards,

Al Ose, Wisconsin Rapids

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FairTax senior strategist Denis Calabrese

What will the transition be like from the income tax to the FairTax?

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