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"Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a tax code that looked like someone designed it on purpose?” - George Will

The FairTax Chronicles Launched!

This week, Americans For Fair Taxation® launched a new fundraising program, the FairTax® Chronicles. This fundraising initiative was selected for several reasons, including the fact that non-profit organizations have been hit particularly hard during these very difficult economic times.

FairTax supporters are extremely generous and we are deeply grateful for all of your support. Instead of continuing to ask FairTax supporters to dig deeper and deeper, we made the decision to work with third party sponsors who are willing to pay AFFT for the opportunity to forward messages that are important to them, and which we hope will be of interest to you.   

On July 17, we sent an e-mail explaining the purpose behind our decision to accept sponsored messages.  Unfortunately, it appears that some of those e-mails may have gone into your spam folders or may not have been opened and read. This resulted in some confusion when the first FairTax Chronicle sponsored message arrived.

Please be assured that neither your email address nor other personal information will ever be sold or shared with any third party. Rather, we send the sponsored messages to you on their behalf.

The sponsors never see your name or any information about you unless you choose to communicate directly with them.

A few of you inquired if Congressman West, the subject of our first third party sponsored message, is a co-sponsor of the FairTax.  At this time, he is a co-sponsor of the pending Flat Tax legislation, H.R. 1040.  Congressman West has, however, publicly stated on numerous occasions that he is supportive of the FairTax and sees the Flat Tax “as a bridge mechanism to get to the FairTax.”  You can hear him in his own words here

Additionally, you might be interested to know that six of the ten H.R 1040 co-sponsors are also co-sponsors of H.R. 25, the FairTax Act of 2011. We are working to convince all members of Congress to solely support the FairTax and recognize that no “bridge” is necessary. The FairTax has been properly vetted for over 15 years and as a result, is 'shovel ready' for implementation now.

If you do not want to receive messages from our sponsors, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any sponsored message.  Even if you decide to opt out of the receipt of our sponsored messages, you will continue to receive FairTax Friday and all other communications. 

As a longtime supporter of the FairTax, your continued commitment is deeply appreciated and needed now more than ever. Thank you for your support of our mission to enact the FairTax! 

We cannot accomplish our goals without you!

Our First Photo Caption Contest!

Do you want a signed copy of all three FairTax® books? Then you’ll need creativity and your friends’ votes to win the caption contest for this photo!

Man with huge book

Go to Facebook here, and comment with your photo caption in 20 words or less. The comment with the most ‘likes’ wins! There will also be a “staff pick” winner and shout-outs for runner ups.

The caption contest winners will be announced in a future edition of FairTax Friday and on Facebook.

Good luck!

Rules to Win:

1) Only comments on the contest photo here, qualify

2) Photo captions must be 20 words or less

3) Captions may only be about the FairTax or related to the tax code

4) Captions may not be a copy of an earlier caption

5)  The caption with the most ‘likes’ by the end of the contest wins

6) No foul language or insults to people, political parties or groups

7) may modify these rules as necessary

Share the FairTax Picture of the Week

New Four Square Sign

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Link for July 27, 2012

Featured Video:

Lunch and Taxes - Collected

Lunch and Taxes - "Collected"

 Ways to Engage:

- Contact Congress

- Engage and get updates on Facebook

- Follow us on Twitter

- Find a local leader

- Distribute handouts

- Get FairTax gear

- Send an e-card

- Join FairTax 2012

- Contact the media

- Get FairTax graphics

- Understand basics

FairTax Fact:

The FairTax bill before Congress is only 131 pages long! Its a very quick read compared to over 72,000 pages of our current tax code plus regulations!

Featured Paper:

Flat Fair Compare Chart

The Flat Tax, FairTax and Income Tax Comparison Chart


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