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“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Will This Be In Your Newspaper? 

Jobs can be restored

Last Sunday the Houston Chronicle ran an Opinion Editorial by Leo Linbeck, Jr., the Co-Founder and CEO of Americans for Fair Taxation®. This piece follows the recent Crain’s Opinion Editorial by Richard Pepper and is another great media opportunity for FairTax® supporters to rally behind the FairTax and help recruit even more frustrated Americans to our cause. Both articles are well written and describe the challenges our nation is facing and how the FairTax is the much-needed solution.

Articles like the Linbeck and Pepper Opinion Editorials can serve as a great introduction to the FairTax. By sharing these opinion pieces, no matter where you reside, you share a compelling narrative from respected thought leaders on how the FairTax addresses our nation’s most pressing problems.

The highly charged political season continues. This past week candidates across the nation continued their diatribe of pointing fingers but offering no real solutions. This highlights these are not Democrat or Republican issues but American issues that deserve serious solutions, not election year pandering.

The FairTax is a serious, non-partisan income tax replacement solution that will generate jobs, increase the tax base and stimulate the economy. More importantly, it is fair, simple and transparent and affords taxpayers the opportunity to control where and when they pay their taxes.  

SuperPacs are spending unheard of sums of money to saturate TV, radio and the Internet with partisan advertising – advertising that just points accusatory fingers but offers no substantive solution.  Americans For Fair Taxation can’t raise enough money to counter the billions being spent by SuperPacs.

But our voice can be heard.

If 350,000 FairTax supporters regularly write Opinion Editorials and Letters to the Editor, attend campaign events and ask candidates the tough questions, and regularly contact their elected officials, we will be heard.

We offer the following ‘letter to the editor’ as a sample tool you may use to find your voice and help rally support for the FairTax.  Come on FairTaxers, pick up that pen, it’s easier than you think!

In continued gratitude,


Cindy Canevaro

FairTax National Campaign Manager



Dear Editor,

By now we’ve all heard this week’s candidate comments around redistribution of wealth and 47 percent of Americans not paying income taxes. These comments yet again highlight that our income tax system is broken and our nation is suffering, most especially young Americans ages 18-29. In fact, 1.7 million of these young people have been jobless for the past year. This is the highest unemployment rate for that age group since World War II! This is a generation in danger of becoming the “lost generation.”

The FairTax® is the solution. The FairTax is a comprehensive plan to replace federal income and payroll taxes with a consumption tax on new goods and services. While permitting no exemptions or exceptions, the FairTax provides a monthly, universal “prebate” or rebate, that ensures each household may consume tax-free up to the poverty level, thereby making the FairTax progressive.

With the FairTax, consumers will pay the actual price of a product or service with no hidden taxes, and workers will keep 100 percent of the wages they earn minus any state or local taxes. What all this means to America is powerful economic growth and desperately needed job creation. The FairTax provides hope for bringing hundreds of thousands of lost jobs back to all America, for young and old. Please take a few moments to learn more at

Thank you,


[Your Name]

FairTax Supporter

The FairTax in the News

FairTax plan would stimulate national growth – Houston Chronicle

…For a growing number of Americans - more than 3,500 of them in Houston alone - the only solution is replacement of the current federal income tax with the FairTax, a federal consumption-based program that taxes citizens on what they spend, not on what they earn. The FairTax is a new, simple, transparent and totally equitable system of revenue generation that levels the economic playing field, does away with the $13 billion-a-year IRS bureaucracy and brings a $1 trillion efficiency to U.S. business every year.

The FairTax is a comprehensive plan to replace federal income and payroll taxes, including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security/Medicare, self-employment and corporate taxes with a 23 percent consumption tax on new goods and services - no exceptions, exclusions or exemptions. Included in the plan is a constitutional amendment (HJR 16) that repeals the 16th Amendment and makes a federal income tax unconstitutional…

The FairTax lowers business compliance costs and eradicates the tax wedge that drives up the costs of U.S. goods both at home and overseas. Under the FairTax, imported and domestically produced goods incur the same U.S. tax. The FairTax removes all taxes on exports, restoring the international competitiveness of American manufacturers in the global marketplace, thereby further stimulating trade.

What all this means to America is the increased availability of funds to apply to debt retirement, positive economic growth and desperately needed job creation. Consider, for example, the plight of young Americans ages 18-29, 1.7 million of whom have been jobless for the past year, the highest unemployment rate for that age group since World War II. This is a generation in danger of becoming a lost generation, jobless and without meaningful prospects to become productive, contributing members of our society and future leaders of American commerce. The FairTax provides hope for bringing hundreds of thousands of lost jobs back to all Americans, young and old…

-  Leo Linbeck Jr.

The September FairTax Webinar 

With Special Topic: The Math around How the Average American's Income Will Increase by 29%

When: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, 5 pm Pacific

Where: At your personal computer, anywhere!

Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join Marc Manieri, webinar producer and host from Orlando, Florida. In their fourth year, Marc’s webinars draw national participation from seasoned FairTax supporters as well as those just getting introduced to the FairTax.

Join: To participate, register here and watch for the confirmation email. For more information contact Larry Walters at

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