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“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” - Khalil Gibran 

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Patrick Henry is most remembered for, “Give me liberty or give me death.” But he also said something that has always resonated with me when thinking about our FairTax® movement.  

In 1775, while speaking before the then-largest colony in America - Virginia, Henry gave a passionate oratory (without notes) to the colony’s delegates outlining why they should be a part of the American Revolution. As he neared the end of his speech, his voice reached a crescendo and he thundered to the delegates, "The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."  

Virginia then joined the American Revolution.

Approximately 15 years ago three businessmen – Leo Linbeck Jr., Robert McNair and Jack Trotter - saw a problem; an income tax code that was grossly unfair, damaging to our economy, incredibly complex and about as transparent as cement. They set out to find a solution. 

After $20 million in research and extensive focus groups, a framework was defined that outlined what was a simple, fair and transparent tax plan that was advantageous for both citizens and the government. Did you know the name “FairTax” came from one of these focus groups? Dan Mastromarco and David Burton transformed the framework into what is now HR 25/S 122, the FairTax Act of 2013. 

Since then, the FairTax campaign has gone from a problem in search of a solution to formal federal legislation – from a fledgling start-up to the largest fundamental tax reform movement in history.

And today, great things are happening! 

Our tax reform forums are gaining traction and members of Congress are asking how they can bring one to their district. Tax forums have already been held in Florida and Washington, D.C., are confirmed for Ohio and New Jersey and are being considered in two congressional districts in Kansas.

California State Director, Jim Donnell and his team supported a fantastic tax rally at the end of March, an event at the Capitol in Sacramento on Tax Day and is in the process of distributing over 200 FairTax yard signs. 

Glen Terrell in Texas is leading the FairTax “Letters to the Editor” (LTTE) team and they are getting Letters to the Editor and Opinion Editorials published all over the country! More importantly, they are rapidly refuting misleading and outright false statements in on-line articles and blogs.

Congressional briefings on the FairTax continue unabated and our volunteer leaders are reporting three more Members are seriously considering co-sponsoring HR 25. 

Also, Rep. Lynn Jenkins (KS-02), a co-sponsor and member of the Ways and Means Committee, held a hearing this week and heard from HR 25 drafter, David Burton, now General Counsel of the National Small Business Association.

Finally, Rep. Rob Woodall took time this week to discuss HR 25 at the national Young President’s Organization (YPO) meeting in Washington, D.C. This outstanding group of young executives was very impressed with Rep. Woodall and the vision he shared. 

Yes, it has been a good week, but we have a long way to go. 

The road behind us has not been easy; the road before us paved with lots of bumps and humps. We can’t do our work without you!

Did you know the average tax rate most people are paying under the current income tax is currently about 15% - but that doesn’t include their payroll taxes the employer contribution or the embedded taxes in products and services! 

In honor of how dramatically the FairTax would change life for these and so many others by bringing jobs and economic stimulation, would you please consider a recurring donation of $23 to help us continue our vitally important work? A one-time contribution would push us forward too. Please do it now. Let’s keep the momentum going! 

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FairTax supporters understand the battle, they are strong, they are active and they do not fear the adversity and trials inherent with, as Neal Boortz is fond of saying, “The greatest single transfer of power back to the people since the Constitution.”

With gratitude, until next week,

Cynthia T. Canevaro - Cindy Cindy Canevaro, National Campaign Manager

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The FairTax Act In The News

Pass FairTax: Deduction hurts housing prices - NewsLeader

In the call for reduced government spending, the mortgage interest deduction has a target on its back.

At a cost of $90-108 billion annually, who is benefiting?

Only one fourth of taxpayers filing returns claim the MID. A third of that money is claimed by people with annual incomes of $200,000 or more. Forty-two percent is claimed by those earning $100,000-$200,000 annually, and 4.3 percent is claimed by those earning less than $50,000. Those earning $200,000 or more saved $1,862. Those earning $49,777 or less saved $120. Hardly an equitable distribution.

Aside from the cost and subsidizing of high-income earners’ home purchases, the MID has negative impact on housing prices and debt accumulation. Studies done by Porterba and Sinai showed the MID raised home prices by 3 percent to 6 percent, increases mortgage debt and contributes to housing bubbles.

Increase home ownership. Pass FairTax HR 25/S 122 eliminating personal and business income taxes, capital gains taxes, estate and payroll taxes. FairTax HR25 makes the mortgage interest deduction unnecessary. Payroll, savings and investments are not taxed, thus wealth grows faster, and that down payment can be achieved with less debt…

- Beverly Martin, Missouri 

Al Ose: FairTax would promote national economic growthWisconsin State Journal

Our nation needs economic growth, and here are the reasons why. The labor force participation rate is the percentage of working-age persons who are employed, or unemployed but looking for a job. That rate dropped to 63.3 percent last month, the lowest since May 1979, according to an Associated Press report from early April…

What is the fastest way to achieve that growth? Pass the FairTax. The United States would become a mecca for businesses with new plants, new jobs and economic growth.

The secret is the simplicity of the FairTax. No tax forms for workers -- only retailers collect and submit the FairTax. Our current tax system adds to our wholesale costs. Let’s get rid of our costly tax system and pass the FairTax…

- Al Ose, Wisconsin Rapids

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FairTax Fact:

The FairTax will save $400 billion wasted yearly complying with 72,000 pages of tax regulations!

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