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 "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo 

The Finger Pointing Must Stop

Imagine walking into a room full of energetic toddlers with finger paints smeared all over the walls, tables, floor and their adorable faces. You ask in your best adult voice, “who is responsible for this”? One by one, these precious children step forward and with their most authoritative little voices respond, “Not me, I didn’t, I don’t know.”

Kind of reminds you of the IRS doesn’t it?

As more and more information unfolds during the Congressional investigation of IRS targeting, one thing is certain. The most feared agency in America; the one that demands unquestionable taxpayer accountability, has made it clear they have no intention of having any accountability for their own transgressions. Sean Simpson has likened their deniability stance to Bart Simpson’s cartoonish “I didn’t do it.”

Interestingly, Congress has also failed to take accountability for any role they have had in the IRS fiasco. 

Congress created the income tax, the IRS and the 5,000 special interest driven tax code changes in eleven years! And, unless I am mistaken, we know that Members of Congress have been known to send letters to the IRS asking them to take a closer look at certain groups – conservative or liberal depending on the prevailing political winds. 

Yet, Congress points the sole finger of accountability at the IRS. The IRS points the finger at poor customer service, and administration after administration points the finger at prior administrations and the opposite political party. Meanwhile, we the taxpayers continue getting the proverbial beat-down.

This is why I believe we are experiencing an incredible surge in people either taking a first or second look at the FairTax Plan.

Unfortunately, there is a major misperception that a Flat Income Tax will solve the IRS problem. Nothing could be further from the truth! As former Representative and original FairTax Sponsor John Linder often laments, the current tax code is a flat tax on income 100 years after the initial enactment; having repeatedly been “flattened” out and amended 20,000 times.

Folks, our challenge now is to rapidly educate the American people (your friends, neighbors and colleagues), the news media and members of Congress, that we as taxpayers want accountability – no more finger pointing. We want a simple and fair tax code that removes the political manipulation and special interests gluttony of the income tax, and the outright abuse and terror of the IRS.

The FairTax is the ONLY tax reform plan before Congress that eliminates the income tax and abolishes the IRS.

No loopholes, no exemptions, no special interests provisions, no more abuse, no more terrorizing.  Please become informed.  Don’t just say you want the FairTax – understand exactly what the FairTax is so that you can explain it, defend it and educate others. Changing the course of history isn’t easy.  It is going to take a lot of hard work, perseverance and study. 

Learn about how the FairTax treats imports and exports, specific industry segments, Social Security and Medicare. Study; really study the FAQs at Become a FairTax expert!

Recently we provided the House Ways and Means Committee Working Groups with in-depth briefing documents on the FairTax plan. You may find the updated research documents we submitted here.

Aristotle said, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Commit to reading one briefing document from this list each day. When your elected representatives give you inaccurate information about the FairTax, counter back with factual data. 

Finally, as we begin this Memorial Day weekend, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the men and women of our Armed Forces who gave the greatest sacrifice one can give to their country. May their sacrifice never be in vain, and may their memory never be forgotten.

Thank you for your continued support this week for the FairTax, for your generous contributions and for the many personal notes of support I have received about my hometown of Moore, OK. This community has gone through one of the most devastating tornadoes in American history, and although there is a long way to go, their faith, spirit and proud determination will see them through. 

I was extremely honored yesterday to deliver a $100,000 contribution from the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation and the Houston Texans NFL team to the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief operation. 


Until next week,

Cynthia T. Canevaro - Cindy Cindy Canevaro, National Campaign Manager

The FairTax Meme Of The Week

No End IRS Meme

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The Volunteer Spotlight - IRS Protests

Grassroots FairTax supporters across the country participated in Tuesday’s demonstrations opposing IRS abuses. Mark Gurule, TX-08 volunteer District Director was in Houston and said:

“I felt proud to stand next to my fellow patriots. I truly believe that the scales are starting to turn in favor of a more transparent system like the FairTax. Americans have seen how abusive the present system has become with all the IRS news the last few weeks.”

Mark Gurule at IRS protest

The FairTax Act In The News

IRS Scandal Is The Latest Evidence That We Need A Fair

…Abuse of IRS power has been going on for almost 80 years.  It began under FDR, not long after the IRS was created.  In reality, there is only one way to ensure that something like this never happens again.  The IRS must be abolished, the 16thAmendment must be repealed, and most existing federal taxes must be replaced by the FairTax, which is a national retail sales tax.

Stepping back for a moment, it is striking that so many government employees could participate in an unlawful attack on conservative organizations and political donors and not realize that they were doing something wrong.  Indeed, some of the accounts of the bureaucratic hoops that organizations with conservative-sounding names (but not ones with liberal-sounding names) were forced to jump through in order to get 501(c)4 status sound almost gleeful.  (“Hey, I’ve got an idea.  Let’s make them send us copies of their Facebook posts!”)…

It is not unreasonable to expect that, with the FairTax, U.S. real GDP (RGDP) would grow at more than 5% per year for a long time.  However, if all that happened was that the private sector reinvested the cash freed up by abolishing taxes on savings and investment, the FairTax would approximately double our long-term economic growth rate.

The Internal Revenue Service Has Got To GoWatchDog Wire

We should not be surprised that certain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) personnel decided to negate the free speech and free association protections of the First Amendment to our Constitution in order to punish people with whom they, or they and their superiors, disagree. While conservatives are upset today, the next time this happens it may be the liberals who are abused.

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) is over 74,000 pages and almost four million words. As any experienced income tax practitioner knows, the IRC is full of vague rules and regulations that almost always produces a variety of “correct” answers to any issue–many that contradict each other…

George Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.” We see how the IRC is being used by federal employees to take away the freedom of speech of millions. What is the next step? Do we have a country no longer operating under the Constitution but according to the whim of the government? We must eliminate the income tax and replace it with the FairTax. There is no other way.

Letter: End IRS, consider 'FairTax' insteadFlorida Today

Here we have another major IRS scandal. The previous major IRS abuse by an administration punishing his enemies was President Richard Nixon.

We thought this could never happen again. Yeah, right! I believe it is well past the time to end the IRS as we know it.

It is time to consider the FairTax. Essentially, it is a national sales tax of approximately 30 percent on the sales of all new products or services while eliminating every national tax.

Please read the book, “The FairTax,” or Google it to understand how this system works. We need to do something different before we go bankrupt with such a corrupt revenue system.

- Leonard Jean

Link for May 24, 2013

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IRS Commissioner Targeting

IRS Commissioner: Targeting Conservatives is "Absolutely Not Illegal"

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FairTax Fact:

The FairTax eliminates the IRS and will be collected by the states!

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FairTax vs Flat Tax

FairTax (real reform) vs. the flattax (more of the same): A comparison

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