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“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Is It Right For Our Government To Silence The Voices Of Average Americans?

Rep Kevin Brady Opinion Editorial

By: Congressman Kevin Brady (TX-08)

Is it right for our government to silence the voices of average Americans? What gives any agency the right to demand concerned citizens to give up their First Amendment rights?

This week I met six brave Americans who travelled to Capitol Hill to tell Congress what the Internal Revenue Service put them through. The only thing these civic-minded Americans did to incur this was try to share their principles with their communities. Their reward was to be alternately stonewalled and scrutinized by shameless bureaucrats.

Telling pro-life groups their IRS status hinged on them agreeing to not protest Planned Parenthood is not ok. Leaking donor information is not ok. Forcing Americans to give up by flooding them with reams of intrusive questions and document demands is not ok.

Becky Gerritson told us she was fearful for her country and that her government, that is supposed to work for every taxpayer, had “forgotten” their place.  

Describing herself as “a born free, American woman – wife, mother and citizen,” she came to the Ways & Means Committee hearing to tell her government they forgot their place. Powerful words from a mom who never dreamed she would someday testify on Capitol Hill.

It is not the IRS’s responsibility to monitor any American’s speech. Nor should they ever assert any agenda.

Constitutional Law professor John Eastman, who chairs the National Organization for Marriage, testified that his organization’s confidential tax information ended up in the hands of the Human Right Campaign, which opposes traditional marriage. As he told our committee, if the IRS leaked his organization’s confidential tax documents, a “serious felony” was committed.

For the Laurens County Tea Party, the IRS process has made for a very long three years. After waiting for over two years to process the application, the IRS sought “extremely burdensome additional information”.

After cashing the Wetumpka Tea Party’s application fee check, the IRS waited over 450 days before sending an intrusive questionnaire requesting “90 pieces of additional information”.

The San Fernando Valley Patriots were warned about the penalty of perjury should they not answer all of the agency’s intrusive questions.

Why? Bureaucrats at the IRS had no legal right to these organization’s donor information, volunteer information or written communications.

Linchpins of Liberty Founder Kevin Kookogey found it disturbing that the IRS asked for the identities of their students. Would you want your minor child’s name given to the IRS?

It’s very chilling to be asked “Are you now or have you ever been...” questions. It’s chilling that an IRS bureaucrat sought to get Iowa Coalition for Life to give up their First Amendment right to protest Planned Parenthood. Sue Martinek’s question deserves an answer. “Why was the IRS protecting Planned Parenthood” against a ‘small Iowa prayer group’?

With three Congressional panels, including the Ways & Means Committee that I serve on, an Inspector General and many others digging deep, whoever gave the orders at the IRS can’t remain in the shadows for long.

Our nation’s tax code is so huge it holds back small businesses, creates annual stress on families – and as we are uncovering -- is used against those who disagree with the direction our country is headed.

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp says our entire tax system is “rotten at the core, and it must be ripped out so we can start fresh.” I completely agree.

While it still lacks major support in Congress, more and more Americans are beginning to see that the best solution is the Fair Tax solution. Wouldn’t we all rather spread the good news about real tax reform and have April 15th be just another day?

In addition to being a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee, Texas Congressman Kevin Brady also chairs the Joint Economic Committee and is a co-sponsor of HR 25.

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FairTax Press Endorsements

We are proud to announce that the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union and Colorado's Mountain Valley News have written editorial praise for the FairTax this week. You can read the stories here:

- The Florida Times-Union

- Mountain Valley News

The FairTax Act In The News

Fair Tax Bill would avert abuses of overgrown Internal Revenue

Jobs have been lost in this country for over 30 years due to our lack of competitiveness. It's cheaper to go out of the country for most manufacturers than to make products here.

People who haven't lost their jobs are squeezed to do more with less. Sound familiar? How do we fix this? There a few ways, but two of them are: 1) cut 75 percent out of our wages and benefits (a $20 an hour job is reduced to $5 an hour) or; 2) change our income tax system, a no-brainer. There is a bill in Congress, HR25 the Fair Tax bill, that guts the current federal tax on income and replaces it with a tax on consumption of new goods and services. The economy thrives, as good paying jobs return.

Without taxes on income, $14 trillion that sits offshore can return to be invested in America. More than 95 percent of the Internal Revenue Service is no longer needed and the $400 billion that is spent annually to comply with our current tax system can be invested in more productive things.

Today's system penalizes productivity, hard work, investments, savings, and other things Americans and good old common sense tells us to do.

Call your congressman today and tell him to support the Fair Tax Bill.

- Anthony Gasbarro | Fairhope, AL

Many in nation support FairTaxEcho Press

To the editor:

There would have been no IRS scandal if the FairTax was the law of the land because the FairTax proposes the elimination of the IRS. (That is a major difference from the Flat Tax, which does not propose that elimination.)

…The FairTax continues to garner support from members of our federal Congress, where the bill was first introduced in 1999 by Rep. John Linder (R-Georgia) and Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota). The bill had its first reading and discussion in The House Ways and Means Committee (Chairman, Camp R-Michigan) last year.

Information about the FairTax is available at

- Dick Grenel | Brandon, MN

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