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Rep Jim Bridenstine

By: Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-1)

The FairTax is the fair solution to many issues.  

Think about the tax question this way:  Suppose you were designing a system to fund the operation of the government. You are given two proposals.  

The first plan would set taxes on income.  The taxes would be graduated by level of income with thousands of loopholes designed to reward all manner of behavior or misbehavior.  The tax code would be so complex that it would be over 73,600 pages of tax code, rules, and rulings, changing every year.  (That count was before Obamacare was thrown into the mix.)  You would make citizens spend 6.1 billion hours each year struggling to decipher the tax code to avoid penalties and audits.  

You would also impose a national cost of $170 billion per year just to comply with tax rules.  Then you would take a whole army of bright young people, who could have been doing something productive like discovering a cure for cancer, and make them tax accountants and IRS agents.  IRS employment is approaching 100,000, and that doesn’t count tax accountants employed by individuals and businesses all over the country.  The time, expense, and human resources devoted to complying with the tax code would all reduce the productive capacity of the economy.  

The price of everything would have to be raised at every level of production to cover the cost of income taxes:  The farm supply store employees, the farmer, the grain silo operator, the miller, the baker, the bread wrapper manufacturer, the grocer, and the transportation workers at every step in the process would all have their income and payroll taxes covered by the higher price of bread.  Each of these employees along the production chain would see a big chunk of every paycheck taken for income taxes.  
The second plan would allow everyone to keep their entire paycheck or retirement check.  A single tax rate would apply to everything everyone buys.  Poor people who are living below the level of poverty would receive a monthly rebate so their effective tax rate could be as low as zero.  Prices throughout the economy would be based on the actual costs of production.  There would be no income tax, no one would file income tax returns, and there would be no IRS.

Which system would you chose?  I think the choice is pretty obvious.  And the choice is real.  We have the opportunity to reverse 100 years of compounded complexity in the IRS code by enacting a FairTax system in the United States.  We have the opportunity to eliminate the IRS.  The IRS has become a poster child for the problems and abuses endemic when government gets too big.  

It is time to simplify.  It is time to quit wasting our national resources of time and money and people on complying with a behemoth tax code.  It is time to end the abusive excesses of big government.  

It is time for the FairTax.

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FairTax On The 4th - Garden Valley, CA

FairTax 4th in Garden Valley, CA

Our thanks go to the Sons of Liberty Riders for their patriotism and support of the FairTax!

The FairTax Act In The News

Don't reform the IRS, shut it down – Washington Examiner

… What about the IRS? We will always have taxes, but do we really need the IRS? I believe there is a compelling case that the time has come to end the IRS and restructure the tax system that enables it.

First, as a nation, we have too few jobs and too much consumption. And yet the federal government taxes jobs (wages, profits, capital gains) and gives consumption a free pass. We have an IRS because we tax production; switch to a consumption tax instead of a production tax and we no longer need the IRS, as we know it.

A consumption tax can fund the government. In fact, two of the largest and most vibrant economies in the world run without income, payroll, or capital gains taxes: Florida and Texas. And the federal government operated without an income tax for over 120 years…

- Leo Linbeck III

Let’s scrap the income tax, IRS now with Fair Tax bill –Homer News

You may have noticed there’s a scandal surrounding the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has acknowledged the targeting of conservative groups applying for IRS Code 501(c) status. This strikes at the heart of the freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. Regardless of political leanings, certainly we can agree that the misuse of such a powerful and feared bureaucracy is unacceptable. To paraphrase Shakespeare: Something is rotten on the Potomac…

There is legislation pending in Congress that will end the tax on productivity and the life of the IRS and its powers to harass and punish hard working Americans. That legislation is known as the “Fair Tax” (HR 25 and S122). The Fair Tax is the most extensively researched project on taxation ever accomplished…

- Wiley Brooks, AK

Think “the opposite” about funding the federal government – Frank and to the Point

Until the Mexico Olympics of 1968, high jumpers faced the bar, and the record stood at 5′ 8″. Dick Fosbury turned his back on it and leapt 7′ 4″, by thinking the opposite of everyone else. He literally ‘turned his back’ and instead of jumping over the bar facing forwards, like every other jumper in track and field history, he jumped over it backwards and shattered records making heads spin in the process.

Today, US taxpayers face the IRS daily in the form of tax on production. Personal and corporate income tax, inheritance and payroll tax: a few of the largest taxes which have plagued citizens of this country since the ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913. What if there was a simple, fair and transparent solution which could replace the current tax structure?

There is. It’s called the FairTax…

- Arthur J. DaPonte CPA, CGMA

Enact 'FairTax' – Tri-City Herald

…The politicians in Washington, D.C., give lip service to simplifying the tax code. What they really mean is it's time for special interests groups to open their cash accounts and fund the politician's re-election. The politicians will then amend the tax code with "loopholes" that benefit those special interests. Later, the politicians will denounce the use of these "loopholes."

There are bills in Congress (HR25/S122) that would eliminate the impact of the tax code on all citizens, groups and businesses. Tax exempt status for groups such as churches and nonprofits would be a thing of the past. Individuals would realize more take home pay once payroll taxes are eliminated. All citizens would pay their "fair share."..

- Dan Suter, West Richland, WA

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The FairTax will eliminate the IRS and be collected and enforced by state sales tax organizations.

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