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"The FairTax would be the most massive transfer of power from the federal government to the people since our Constitution was adopted." - Neal Boortz

End The Common Denominator

Recently three stories grabbed my attention. All three have one common denominator – the income tax code and the IRS.

First, it appears the IRS continues unabated in their unprecedented attack on select conservative groups.

In fact, one might conclude the agency has now gone into escalation mode. But then, why shouldn’t they? Their actions past and present make clear they feel no accountability to the people, the Congress or the Constitution.  

Second, reports surfaced of a “little-known federal program that gives some workers better unemployment benefits than others. I guess some unemployed Americans are more equal than others. 

The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program, created by special interests - my apologies - created by Congress, gives extra unemployment benefits to individuals who lost jobs that were outsourced to a foreign country. These individuals get 2.5 years of unemployment, extra training, travel compensation for job interviews, and 90% of moving costs and health care. All paid for by you, to the tune of $1.4 billion in 2012! 

The third story takes us back to our beloved IRS. The agency has apparently found a new and dangerous threat to attack: Veterans’ organizations that don’t have paperwork they were never required to keep in the first place!

The Wall Street Journal covers the latest IRS outrage: “As former military members, the one thing we know how to do is follow regulations,” said Louis Celli, national legislative director for the American Legion. “The inspection manual they give to inspectors tells them to look for documents that we’re not told to maintain in the first place.”

And just how quickly must our veterans drop everything to reply to these new whims from an out of control IRS?

Immediately – or else.

“…One outpost in Texas, where officials were unable to comply immediately with the requirements, was fined $12,000, or $1,000 for each of 12 days it failed to produce the documents the IRS demanded.”

Our veterans deserve better and under the FairTax® Plan, they will be respected.  No threats, no harassment, no fines, no behemoth regulatory manuals that hinder supporting our troops. 

Congress has a choice. 

They have before them HR 25 / S 122, “The FairTax Act of 2013”, and they have a decision to make.

They can continue allowing the IRS to threaten, harass and destroy individuals and organizations, or they can implement a comprehensive tax replacement plan that returns our nation’s system of taxation to what our founding fathers originally envisioned. They can enact the FairTax Plan.

Your Representative is supposed to represent the will of the people who elected them. Ensure you communicate to all your elected officials exactly where you stand on tax reform. 

You can phone their Washington office (don’t forget to contact their district office too) and in one minute, send them a written message here.   

If your representative(s) gives you bloated, canned ham responses or dismisses your concerns, then you have a job to do - find a new representative who understands and respects “the will of the people.” 

Until next week,

Cynthia T. Canevaro - Cindy

Cindy Canevaro

Executive Director

The FairTax Picture Of The Week

Gloucester County FairTaxers

FairTax volunteers Skyla, Janet, and Mark Campbell, Owen Carneal and Paul Burgener sign up new supporters at the Gloucester County Moose Lodge Children's Carnival.

New Jersey Forum On Tax Reform

Across the country, FairTax activists are urging Members of Congress to have fair and honest discussions about the current income tax code in public forums. More and more Members are heeding the call, including Congressman Leonard Lance.  Jim Bennett, FairTax® North Atlantic Regional Director reports:

“New Jersey FairTaxers are looking forward to Congressman Leonard Lance, NJ-07, presenting a Forum on Tax Reform next Thursday, September 12, 2013.

The presenter for the FairTax will be our very own spokesman and Florida FairTaxer, Steve Hayes. The spokesman for the flat tax will be Curtis Dubay of the Heritage Foundation, , and the analyst to explain how the Affordable Care Act will affect our taxes is David Burton of the National Small Business Association. David Burton also co-authored the FairTax bill fifteen years ago. Tying it all together will be former Lehman Brothers chief equity strategist Chip Dickson. Chip is a nine-time Institutional Investor All-American analyst, and co-author of the book, The Great Deleveraging.

The idea for the event came from a successful tax reform forum held earlier in the year by Congressman Vern Buchanan's (FL-16).

Constituents in districts across America hunger to hear information on various tax reform proposals before Congress. Tax Reform town halls provide an opportunity for Members of Congress to educate their constituents about those proposals, while allowing them the flexibility of determining which proposal they feel is best.”

The FairTax Act In The Media 

IRS is targeting the American Legion with new set of guidelinesWorld Net Daily

The Internal Revenue Service is targeting the veterans’ organization the American Legion, and a U.S. senator believes that Lois Lerner — a key figure in the IRS scandal – is to blame…

“I am deeply concerned about this revelation and will insist on answers. This policy seems to be crafted with the oversight of Lois Lerner and deserves, at a minimum, a thorough look to make certain the IRS is not overstepping bounds of privacy and respect for our nation’s heroes,” Moran added…

FairTax system eliminates income taxPress of Atlantic City

After 100 years, it is time to end the income tax. Instead of endless reforms, abuses, and scandals, the incomprehensible tax code needs to be eliminated. There are 68 co-sponsors in the House and 7 in the Senate of legislation to do that, the FairTax bill.

The FairTax eliminates the entire federal income tax code. No more income, business, corporate, gift, inheritance, interest, dividend, and capital gains taxes. No more record keeping and reporting of income. Make as much money as you can and report not a dime of it to the federal government. All taxes on income are replaced with one national retail sales tax on new goods and services. There is no tax on used goods. Business-to-business transactions are not taxed. Instead of hundreds of millions of filers and hundreds of forms, only tens of millions of businesses file a one page report each month with one question - how much did you sell retail?...

- James Milroy 

"Understanding The FairTax" Webinar

With September's Special Topic: History Of The Income Tax

When: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, 5 pm Pacific

Where: At your personal computer, anywhere!

Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join guest presenter Paul Livingston, Jacksonville, FL District Director.

Join: To participate, register here and watch for the confirmation email. For more information contact Larry Walters at

September 6, 2013 - Link

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FairTax Fact:

The FairTax is non-partisan legislation to replace federal income and payroll taxes with a progressive, national sales tax collected by the states.

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The FairTax Reduces Complexity, Compliance Costs, and Noncompliance


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