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 “It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

When Will It Happen?

In the mid-‘90s, a dear friend of mine went shopping at a marque department store in Dallas. As she walked to her car in the parking garage, she was kidnapped at knifepoint. For the next 5+ hours, the kidnapper forced her to drive around the Dallas/Fort Worth area while he held a sharp knife against her throat and threatened all manner of physical evil.

To her credit, she began calmly talking and managed to establish a non-threatening rapport, even though there was a razor sharp blade pressed against her throat. Eventually, the man fled; leaving her unhurt physically, yet terrified and an emotional wreck. 

The next day she stormed into the office of her friend, the Dallas Mayor, and told him what had happened to her. She demanded, “Steve, what are you going to do about it”? Without hesitation, he looked her straight in the eye and said, Carole, what are YOU going to do about it”?

At first she was incensed, but the more she thought about it the more she realized the good Mayor was right. It was up to the citizens of Dallas to drive change and solve the city’s crime problem. 

Carole immediately became involved, assuming local and then statewide leadership positions in criminal justice advocacy.  She became an icon of change in Texas criminal justice; eventually helping establish the Carole S. Young specialty medical facility at the Dickinson, TX women’s prison.

Every week I receive messages from good folks asking when will the public become educated on the FairTax, and when will we force Congress to enact HR 25/S 122? 

I can’t help but think about Carole every time I see these kinds of questions. Much like Carole’s experience in Dallas, the public will become educated and Congress will feel the push of a critical mass when the American citizenry demands it.  

Interestingly, this morning I heard Washington insider, Jamie Dupree, comment about tax reform and the fact that there were really only two alternatives to the income tax – the FairTax and the flat tax. He added the FairTax now has more co-sponsors than any other tax reform plan before Congress, and the flat tax just hasn’t been able to gain steam. He then reflected how the people simply hadn’t put enough pressure on Congress to make the FairTax happen. And he is right.

At the end of the day, the FairTax campaign has always been and always will be citizen developed, citizen driven and must be citizen demanded. If the citizens want fundamental tax replacement, it can happen. But the people must drive it. They must own it.

John F. Kennedy said in his 1961 Inaugural address, “In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than in mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course… Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

As this year begins to wind down and we all reflect on the challenges ahead, I encourage you to think about how many contacts you have made this week, this month, this year on behalf of the FairTax.

Have you taken two minutes to send our pre-written letter to your elected Representatives? How many emails have you sent recruiting new friends and associates to the greatest tax reform campaign in our lifetime? Do you share posts from the FairTax Facebook page? How many presentations have you supported in your local community to educate the public on how the FairTax Plan will create jobs and stimulate a distressed economy? How many Letters to the Editor have you written over the past month to your local newspaper, blog or favorite on-line publication? Do you stand up with the facts when the FairTax is attacked?

If you answered “none” to these questions, then to expect a major shift in the near future is probably unrealistic. All major constitutional change (prohibition, suffrage, equal rights) has come from sustained and MASSIVE citizen involvement. So too must the FairTax reach these same MASSIVE levels of activism.

What’s your plan for 2014?

Send it to and we will print the best plans in future editions of FairTax Friday.

With deep appreciation for what you have done and we will accomplish,

 Cynthia T. Canevaro - Cindy

Cindy Canevaro

Executive Director

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The FairTax Act In The Media

FairTax proposal offers fairness and simplicityLaCrosse Tribune

Income tax code regulations have ballooned in excess of 75,000 pages, and the Internal Revenue Service has selectively persecuted groups that the administration deems to be political foes.

Everyone knows the federal income tax is broken beyond repair.

Rep. Dave Camp, R-Michigan, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, recently said the objective of his committee was to begin with a blank page to fix revenue collection. But what I hear out of the committee does not truly start with a blank page.

The FairTax, on the other hand, is the only proposal before Congress that does away with the income tax code…

- David Boone

Fair tax could help create jobsLas Vegas Sun

…I wonder why the government so stubbornly holds onto their current tax policy? While the income tax has been proven to not be capable of supporting the government, the government refuses to consider alternatives. Tax reform seems to be centered on higher tax rates and less economic growth instead of lower taxes and robust economic expansion.

Perhaps there is a better plan out there than the fair tax? The fair tax should be considered for a lot of reasons, but the best reason is that the current tax system does not work. This whole Obamacare debacle was brought about because of the decline of good jobs available to the citizens of the United States. The income tax is why our industries have fled to foreign countries.

The only way to stop the insanity in Washington is to remove its unlimited power to steal from special-interest groups to benefit other special-interest groups. The fair tax would put an end to all tax lobbying and make an honest audit of the government possible. Fortunately, the folks who would surely be laid off after such an audit would be able to transition right into private sector jobs created because of the fair tax.

- Nicholas Gartner

Understanding The FairTax Webinar

Marc Manieri and I will not be doing a "Understanding the FairTax" webinar this month (December) but want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas or happy holiday as the case may be.

Keep up the pressure on your Representatives while they're home on their break. Especially those on the Committee on Ways and Means. Let them know you haven't gone to sleep and the FairTax is very important to you.

We’ll look forward to seeing you again on Jan. 23, 2014 with the next webinar.


Larry Walters, Volunteer District Director

Americans For Fair Taxation,

Florida FairTax Educational Association

December 13, 2013 - Link

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