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 Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Around And Around Again

Long before the digital age, Americans of all ages loved to listen to music on 78/45 and 33 rpm records. That is, until the record became scratched and the diamond needle stuck in the groove and all one heard were pops, cracks and the same sound over and over.

These long forgotten records came to mind earlier this week when the Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Dave Camp, released his 979-page tax reform plan. Reactions have been swift and ranged from warnings about mid-term election fallout to indignant outrage by a few K-Street lobbyists whose carve-outs didn’t make the cut.

Although well intentioned, this plan is nothing more than a simpler version of a corrupted income tax code that panders to special interests and enables the IRS to continue as a partisan weapon.

Or as Congressman Jim Bridenstine declared, “This is a noble objective, but the plan released Wednesday inappropriately preserves both the IRS and all the nefarious opportunities for politicians to again use the tax code to hand out cash, control markets, and manipulate human behavior”.

For nearly a year, Congressional investigators have been reporting findings and oversight committees holding investigations on the IRS targeting scandal. Congressman Camp was at the center of these oversight and investigatory activities including Lois Lerner repeatedly invoking the 5th Amendment prior to negotiating immunity in exchange for testimony.

Given this, how can any Member of Congress, advocate for tax legislation that continues an agency as abusive as the IRS? Rest assured, to support the continuation of the income tax is to support this continued abuse!

There is a solution and it awaits a promised vote by the Committee on Ways and Means. HR 25, “The FairTax Act of 2013” is a simple, fair and transparent tax replacement plan that disbands and defunds the IRS in its entirety. It is the only tax plan before Congress that accomplishes this and is ready to be immediately implemented.

The FairTax fully funds the federal government, including Social Security and Medicare, and will stimulate the economy while generating jobs - jobs the American people desperately want and need.

Our income tax code is beyond repair and should be thrown into the dust heap of failed legislative experiments. The American people have labored under a punitive income tax code for 100 years. They are tired, demoralized and desperately want elected representatives who have the courage to end partisan game playing while doing what’s right for taxpayers and the nation. They want the FairTax.

Until next week,

Cynthia T. Canevaro - Cindy

Cindy Canevaro

Executive Director

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The FairTax Act In The Media

Fair Tax Vs. Flat Tax: Which Is Right For America?Western Journalism

In light of rampant government waste and corruption within the IRS, more Americans than ever are calling for a complete overhaul of this nation’s tax system. Among conservatives, two potential solutions – the Fair Tax and a flat-rate tax system – are often among the most popular options.

During the recent Western Conservative Conference, a showdown between the two proposed revenue systems presented the pros and cons of each plan. Former syndicated radio host Neal Boortz, co-author of two books supporting the Fair Tax, squared off against Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, who spoke in favor of a flat tax...

How can Congress replace the income tax?Communities Digital News

If one thing is always unpopular in American life, it is paying federal income taxes. A number of alternatives have been proposed as fairer, simpler, or more efficient ways to raise government revenue. One of them is called the “fair tax.”

The fair tax is a national sales tax proposal designed for simplicity and to treat all individuals equally. Whether they know much about it, the odds are that many have heard arguments against the fair tax. One of the most popular claims is that a national sales tax would be regressive, and therefore burdensome to the impoverished.

“The prebate, which grants taxpayers an up-front tax refund each month, addresses that concern directly,” says former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. “By refunding the tax, in advance, each month for purchases of necessities up to the poverty level, everyone is treated equally, regardless of income or assets.”..

February 28, 2013 - Link

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The FairTax will end the sale of tax favors to the rich, politically connected and special interest lobbying groups!

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Good for taxpayers, businesses, economy

The FairTax: Good for taxpayers, good for businesses, good for the economy


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