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Washington, Here We Come!

Last weekend was a watershed moment for Americans For Fair Taxation® (AFFT). The transition of governance is complete! Leadership of the FairTax® campaign is now with a decentralized team of empowered representatives from across the country – individuals you nominated and elected.

These 32 delegates, who serve as your representatives and voice, gathered in Houston, TX to:

  • Articulate a clear, simple and unifying Mission: Pass the FairTax®
  • Establish a motivating Vision (see below)
  • Elect a chairman, executive committee and officers
  • Identify 9 work groups and their leaders

As your elected leaders, we are committed to work tirelessly on a volunteer basis to ensure that we achieve our mission and realize our vision. We will do our best to serve you.

It was thrilling to see and hear the renewed and reinvigorated level of energy and commitment demonstrated by so many members and supporters of the FairTax®. We look forward to working with every one of you to ensure that your leadership hears your voice, and your passion is channeled effectively toward enacting the FairTax.

To that end, we need your continued, active support if our vision is to become a reality. We have accomplished much in the past. Now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage that work to victory. Social media provides our grassroots efforts with unprecedented opportunities to mobilize more quickly and more effectively than ever before.

The power is truly in your hands!

It is time for our lawmakers to hear what the American people have known all along - America needs the FairTax. Please join us as we breathe new life into the efforts to enhance the well being of so many Americans.

Houston meeting highlights:

On Friday night, the new directors honored the outgoing AFFT board for everything it had accomplished, and thanked them for placing the governance of AFFT in the hands of the grassroots-elected delegates.

U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-1), a co-sponsor of H.R. 25, gave an inspiring keynote address expressing his optimism that we can accelerate progress toward enactment of the FairTax. He stressed that there are many members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, who may not be willing to co-sponsor the legislation but who will vote for its enactment. And, he pledged his continued support for the legislation.

On Saturday morning, with Steve Hayes presiding as the temporary chairman of the meeting, the elected delegates accepted their positions as the new board of directors of AFFT.

Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-7) and Congressman Tom Price (GA-6) addressed the meeting by phone, answering questions about how AFFT and its members can be more effective in promoting the FairTax. 

Dan Mastromarco, AFFT trustee and co-author of H.R. 25, explained how the committees that score tax legislation for Congress are using an improper method to compare the economic impact of tax systems. He explained the changes needed to ensure that FairTax and other tax systems are properly and fairly analyzed.

Dr. Karen Walby, AFFT director of research and chief economist, is preparing a summary of Mr. Mastromarco’s recommendations, which may be shared with our respective members of Congress. Once these basic changes are made, Congress will clearly see how superior the FairTax Plan is to the present income tax system.

On Sunday, the board adopted the following new AFFT MISSION and VISION statements:

MISSION: Pass the FairTax®

VISION: A reinvigorated U.S. economy with millions of new, well paying jobs under a federal tax system that:

  • Encourages a culture of savings and capital formation
  • Provides adequate funding for current and future national spending priorities
  • Restores the freedom, dignity and privacy of the taxpayer and,
  • Positions the U.S. to compete globally

Finally, we are pleased to announce the election of the following leadership:

AFFT Officers

Chairman and President: Steve Hayes (FL)

Vice Presidents: John Collet (KS), Phil Hinson (GA) and John Steinberger (SC)

Secretary and Treasurer: Jim Bennett (NJ) and Phil Hamman (TX), respectively

Executive Committee:

Steve Curtis (OH)

John Grafer (TX)

Marilyn Rickert (IL)

Steve Hayes (FL)

Autry Pruitt (NY)

Executive Committee - Houston, 6.15.2014


1. Database/Information Technology - Tom Brown (GA), Chairman

2. Strategic Planning - Phil Hinson (GA), Chairman

3. Communications - Randy Fischer (FL) and John Steinberger (SC), Co-Chairmen

4. Fundraising - Laura McCue (NC) and Lori Klein-Corbin (AZ), Co-Chairwomen

5. Membership: Marv Kuhn (TX), Chairman

6. Events - Marilyn Reichert (IL), Chairwoman

7. Rules, Credentials, Organization and Structure - Jim Bennett (NJ), Chairman

8. Economic Research - Dr. Karen Walby (FL), Chairwoman

9. Grassroots Congressional Liaison - Bob Frenzel (VA), Chairman

Workgroups are seeking volunteers.

If you are interested and can contribute time and talent to one or more of these groups, please contact the chairperson or email Aaron Schutte at aaron and he will forward your email to the appropriate chairperson.

In summary, attendees departed Houston confident that AFFT has entered a new era; an era where AFFT members in the states elect AFFT’s directors, and where elected directors are truly responsive to their members.

But make no mistake. The future of the FairTax now belongs to us. It is only with the participation and support of each and every one of you - the grassroots - that we will realize the success America so desperately needs.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the future and that you will work with us to Pass the FairTax!

Yours in the FairTax,


AFFT Board of Directors

1st Grassroots Board of Directors - Houston

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