What Congress Heard from Constituents in 2011: Top 50 Bills in Congress That Garnered the Most Messages to Congress

San Francisco Chronicle

POPVOX, the award-winning online advocacy platform that delivers individuals' messages to Congress, today released a list of the top 50 bills of 2011 -- those that provoked the most messages from constituents to Congress through the site.

Topping the list of legislation was H.R. 3035, the Mobile Information Call Act, with over 10,000 people weighing in against the proposal. Given the large-scale opposition, the sponsor, Representative Lee Terry, pronounced the bill "dead" on December 17.

The "Fair Tax Act" took two spots in the top ten list, with the House version, H.R. 25, ranked second in popularity and the Senate version, S. 13, ranking ninth (both with 80% support.)..

"Until POPVOX, there was no way to get an objective overview of the kinds of messages Congress is hearing," said Marci Harris, CEO of POPVOX and a former Congressional staffer. "People working on the Hill know that what Congress hears from constituents frequently is not about bills grabbing the headlines."

"With POPVOX, our goal is to provide greater transparency and level the playing field so that everyone can access the kinds of advocacy tools once only reserved for the professionals," Harris continued. "POPVOX makes it easy to see what others are saying about what's going on in Congress and be counted."..

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