Super PAC to Run Ads Urging End to the IRS


After spearheading an independent super PAC that was key to taking out three incumbent U.S. House members of both parties in primaries last year, Houston construction magnate Leo Linbeck, III now has a new endeavor to end the Internal Revenue Service.

On Monday, a television spot crafted by Linbeck will begin airing nationwide at a time when congressional investigations into the IRS are revealing widespread abuse by the IRS.

The ad declares: "The IRS is out of control! Targeting law abiding citizens. Playing politics. Losing their receipts for lavish spending."

The viewers are then urged to call a toll-free number and sign an on-line petition, encouraging them, "Let's End the IRS."

The ad is sponsored by Americans for Fair Taxation, a group founded by Leo's father, Leo Linbeck Jr, who died last month. The elder Linbeck was widely praised by supporters of the national sales tax as the father of their cause, which they call the "fair tax."..

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