HR 25 ends Federal Shutdowns

The Gilmer Mirror

Citizens are suffering because of the current Federal Government shutdown. Our, uncontrollable Federal Government, supported by unrestrained Federal Income Tax is the reason! If Citizens are wise enough to demand passage of U.S. House Bill HR:25 this madness will stop! The fair Tax description of this Bill is disputed by some, however, HR:25s requirement that will controllably repeal the 16th Amendment is possibly the single most beneficial part of this Bill and this can not be denied…

Today we know the damage and fear the Federal Income Tax has caused or is causing.

It has become the weapon of choice to punish any and all opposition to Federal Control of our lives. It seems Citizens across the United States are looking for a substitute for the current failed Federal Income Tax. That simple system is defined in HR:25 The Fair Tax Bill. This Bill replaces it does not add to the current Federal Income Tax. This solution was not developed in Washington by Politicians. It was developed and payed for by Citizens! It has been promoted by unfunded volunteer Citizens like myself for one simple reason, it will work!..

Those of you who live in a Congressional District Represented by a Member of the House Ways and Means Committee have the unique opportunity to save this Nation. We; You can turn this ship around before it is wrecked on the rocks of greed & bankruptcy. Call your Representative and demand that they vote to send HR:25 to the House Floor!

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