Tax code reform

Austin American-Statesman

Re: March 6 commentary, “With revisions, Camp tax plan right road to reform.”

Attempting tax code reform is wasteful. The tax code needs to be replaced by the effective and efficient Fair Tax Plan developed and studied by economists for more than 30 years. The Fair Tax Plan is nonpartisan and revenue neutral. It will:

• Allow everyone to control how much tax they pay with discretionary funds.

• Increase governmental financial transparency.

• Provide a monthly prebate to cover taxes on nondiscretionary spending like food and medicine.

• Bring jobs back to America as it eliminates corporate income taxes (we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world).

• Eliminate tax fraud and cheats, and force the black market and illicit drug trade to pay taxes.

• Eliminate $12 billion-plus tax collection cost of the IRS.

• Bring back offshore bank accounts hidden for tax reasons.

• Eliminate governmental social engineering.

- Ann K. McIntosh

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