What book did Rudy read?

What book did Rudy read?

When questioned about the FairTax during the ABC presidential candidate debate, Giuliani wondered who would administer the FairTax and who would handle the exemptions. Since both topics are covered thoroughly in The FairTax Book, which he claims to have read and underlined, Ken Hoagland issued a press release to the national media with wonderings of his own.

FairTax wondering what book did Rudy read?

FairTax.org, the national campaign working to replace the income tax system with a non-regressive national sales tax, today wondered if presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani actually read The FairTax Book as he claimed in the recent ABC News GOP debate.

“It is a little hard to understand how Rudy can claim to understand the FairTax proposal in one breath and in the next ask what items might be exempted from the FairTax,” said Ken Hoagland, national communications director for the issue campaign.

“Either Rudy did not really read the book as he claimed or he inexplicably failed to understand that elimination of exemptions shuts out the army of Washington tax lobbyists who have turned the income tax system into a political auction of tax policy,” said Hoagland. “It is disheartening that a front-runner presidential candidate would base his position on the FairTax on such a flawed understanding of what the legislation actually proposes,” said Hoagland.

“The FairTax eliminates all exemptions in favor of a universal prebate paid to every American family at the first of every month to cover the sales taxes imposed under the FairTax on the necessities of life,” said Hoagland. “This is so fundamental to the proposal that is hard to believe that the Mayor actually read The FairTax Book as he claimed during the debate,” said Hoagland. “If Rudy does not understand that the FairTax prebate eliminates all federal taxes on the poor and gives the middle class a lot of tax free spending, he does not understand the basics of the FairTax.”

“There are a lot of people in Washington who profit from manipulation of the tax code. They have created an almost indecipherable tax system. They jealously guard the status quo and resist reform suggesting, at best, further complications,” said Hoagland. “Taxpayers expect Mayor Giuliani and every Democratic and Republican candidate to be brave and honest enough to take on the tax lobbyists and rein in the selling off of pieces of the tax code by Congress to the detriment of the nation," said Hoagland.

“We can only suggest that Mr. Giuliani take us up on our standing offer to brief him and his policy team on the details of the legislation--which he has declined to date. We will even provide him with a copy of The FairTax Book signed by authors Neal Boortz and Rep. John Linder. We are confident that if candidates just take the time to understand this proposal, they will see that the FairTax is a better, simpler and more fair way to collect federal revenues,” said Hoagland.


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