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More than just scary - downright debilitating


by Tonie Stanton


As we turn our attention to the harvest season and the inescapable hobgoblins which are sure to appear, it may be time to look at our own personal financial harvest and how much of it the IRS hauls away every year. Better men than Ichabod Crane have shuddered at the uneven requirements of the income tax and although they have not lost their heads, they have lost great amounts of money and most, if not all, respect for the Internal Revenue Service.


With apologies to Washington Irving, the modern day version of the "ghost of a Hessian trooper, whose head had been carried away by a canon-ball" is a different kind of apparition, but just as creepy and just as elusive. The fear instilled by this ghoulish representative is, in part, fueled by the grim knowledge that what one thinks he knows about income taxes is, at best, incomplete and, at worst, just plain wrong.   


We muster the courage to venture out into the great black abyss of tax regulations only because we must do so to avoid a greater terror. And once we have completed the annual journey down that shadowy cobblestone road, we dare not stop long enough to realize that there are plenty of other people who are not paying their fair share and in some cases are paying no taxes at all. Is there no hero, no solution to this tale of disappearing dollars? Of course there is a solution and it is at once fair, and easy to understand. So, just as there is morning after the darkness of All Hallows' Eve, the FairTax rises to spare us from the frightening labyrinth of the tax code!


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