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For FairTax Supporters, The Future is Brighter Than Ever


In the days and weeks preceding the election much concern was expressed from our members regarding the outcome of the 2006 midterm elections.  Poll after poll showed a likely political power shift in Washington DC.  And after a long night of watching returns come in from across the country, the outcome was clear, and a power shift is exactly what we got.

The aftermath of Tuesday's elections has left many of us wondering what will happen.  What will happen with immigration reform?  What will happen with the war on terror?  What will happen with the FairTax? 

The FairTax is a bi-partisan / non-partisan issue whose sole purpose is to benefit the lives of all hard working and law abiding Americans, and I am happy to say the future of the FairTax is brighter than ever!

The American people chose the FairTax at the polls when they didn't choose Republicans.  I was excited when I awoke Wednesday morning to find that all but two of our co-sponsors were reelected.  One of the returning co-sponsors has even announced that he will be seeking the key leadership position within his party. 

Since the election a multitude of political pundits have been speaking almost in unison about an issue that has taken a back seat for several years, tax reform.  Even Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's former advisor and now Fox News political analyst has stated numerous times on numerous shows that President Bush should begin pushing for the passage of the FairTax as part of his national domestic agenda to capture the focus of the American people.  As the tax debate heats up, and politicians begin talking about tax increases, we will see the tax reform issue brought back to the forefront of national politics. 

Amazingly, the 2008 presidential race is well underway and tax reform will absolutely be an election issue in 2008.  You will see a ramped up grassroots effort by  We will be omnipresent in during these elections.  Our members will educate each candidate about the merits and benefits of this truly revolutionary bill, regardless of their party.  As always, our grassroots organization will be vital to the success of this endeavor. 

I see energy and excitement in our future.  We will, with the help of our members, continue to move forward and onward to meaningful and fair tax reform.


Mike Rose


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