"Fair" Tax Season




The election is now behind us and whether our candidate won or lost, we must not lose focus of our goal:  The passage of the FairTax plan. Let's inundate the new congress with tons of petitions. I call upon each of you to rededicate yourselves to get this mission accomplished! The period between now and April 17, 2007 could be vital to our success.


This is also a time when we can post our greatest gains. This is the "tax season." Income taxes will be on everyone's mind more now than at any other time of the year. Beginning in January 2007, taxpayers started filing their returns and will continue filing them through midnight April 17. This is the season when our fruit gets ripe. Let's make this an abundant harvest! We can achieve our goal if we make ourselves more visible and more vocal.


How many ways can you initiate a conversation about the FairTax plan? What venues are available for you to make a presentation explaining the FairTax plan to the most people? By increasing our exposure during this season, we can ensure that our dream for a better America becomes a reality!


We can all begin by looking in a mirror. What was the one thing that got us on fire about the FairTax plan? Was it more take-home income? Was it the boost to our economy and the return of jobs to the U.S.A.? Or was it just the fact that we will no longer have to file federal tax returns? Whatever it was, that same thing will fire up thousands of others! It's up to us to inform and educate them about the many benefits to be gained by the passage of the FairTax plan. Contact your FairTax community leaders (you can find them under the "grassroots" section at http://www.fairtax.org/) and get together with other members in your area for some brainstorming. You will all come up with more ideas than you can ever implement. And share your most successful ideas with the rest of the FairTax organization.


If we all pull together as a team, no one can stop us! Now is the time for us to dig down deep and really get our creative juices flowing! We have two months to get our message out to the masses. While they are going through the pain and agony of this tax season, let's show them how the FairTax plan will set them free. Let your imagination run wild, and make this the last year we will ever have to file a federal tax return!


 Sincerely, Lloyd Newsome

 FairTax member


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