Re: The Prowler's New Arrangements:

Unfortunately, The American Spectator got it wrong on just about every count about the FairTax campaign. Firstly, we are not out of money but have scaled back recently to recover from our big push earlier this year in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and South Carolina. We went for broke in these states -- and just about did. But our sustaining membership and one time contributors are helping us right now recover from the intense and expensive program that made the FairTax the talk of the Iowa Straw Poll and the early primary states.

Secondly, the FairTax is in no way an offshoot of the Scientology religion. While this group did apparently once advocate a national sales tax to replace the income tax it bears little resemblance to the FairTax which was developed independently by economists and market researchers commissioned by over the past decade. We have spent $22 million on economic and market research to develop our proposal. To say we are an "offshoot" of Scientology is about the same as saying the Space Shuttle is an offshoot of a flying fish.

Finally, whatever moves the Huckabee campaign is making in Florida or elsewhere, they are independent of our efforts to bring a public message of FairTax support to every campaign -- including Democratic candidates. Our FairTax bus will be in Iowa shortly and now that we are recovering from the cost of our earlier successes, will be seen again in Florida, South Carolina and possibly New Hampshire in the coming months. Reports of our demise are, therefore, greatly exaggerated and even though we have gone through both flush and hungry days over the past decade, we are here to stay until we see enactment of legislation that ends the dysfunction of the income tax system by shifting the power of taxation decisions from the federal government to individual citizens.

Ken Hoagland
Communications Director


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