Tap the FairTax

Re: Romney: GOP Unlikely to Tap Huckabee

Dear Editor,
Governor Romney may or may not be correct about the GOP appetite for Mike Huckabee but was dead wrong about the effect of the FairTax on the automobile industry in America.
The FairTax, designed to replace the income tax system with a progressive national sales tax, eliminates the "embedded" income tax costs that now represent up to 20% of the price of American products--including automobiles. When these hidden costs are gone, foreign manufacturers lose a huge price advantage over the "Made in America" label.
At the same time, workers take home paychecks without federal withholding or payroll taxes and the United States becomes the most favorable business environment in the world. That means jobs and wealth come to America instead of moving offshore. The voters in Iowa have embraced the FairTax because it is good for agriculture, investment and taxpayers. It is also very good for the American automobile industry.
Ken Hoagland, Communications Director


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