Congress won't address fair tax proposal

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Is Congress mocking us? We need oil refineries and oil. Congress refuses to allow the construction of refineries or the drilling for more oil. The rising cost of fuel raises the prices of all items shipped.

They make us pay to subsidize the transformation of corn into ethanol. This forces the cost of corn and other feeds up. This forces the cost of all other food higher. Will they soon force us to pay to transform beans into natural gas?

Congress is forcing us to change from incandescent lights to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). These lights cost much more and can cost thousands to clean up the mercury when broken. Are they laughing at us?

They refuse to build the fence on the Mexican border, which allows more illegal aliens into the country. These people are placing an unfair burden on our hospitals and schools. And we have to pay for it, even though 75 percent of us want the existing laws enforced. Does Congress care what we think?

The success of Mike Huckabee's run for president reflects the popularity of the FairTax. Yet Congress refuses to simplify the tax code, which continues to cost us hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The poor need a hand up, not a handout. The FairTax is a huge aid for the poor, and for the rest of us. Please support the efforts of those at They are a single-issue organization focused on gaining us control of our incomes. The FairTax will allow us to take home our gross pay and we'll never have to fill out another federal tax form.

Since when do employees tell their bosses how things are done?

"In free governments the rulers are the servants and the people their superior and sovereigns."

— Benjamin Franklin

Write to Obey, Kohl, and Feingold and remind them who pays their wages.

Best regards,


Al Ose,
regional director,
Americans for Fair Taxation,
Wisconsin Rapids

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