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How does the FairTax affect border issues like "shopping across the border" in Canada or Mexico?

It is unlikely that shopping across the border will have many real advantages for most Americans beyond what the current system offers.

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How does the FairTax affect illegal immigration?

The FairTax will, for the first time, tax undocumented workers who now evade U.S. income and payroll taxes. Under the FairTax, all persons living in the U.S. pay taxes, whether they are here legally or illegally.

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Does the FairTax tax used items?

The FairTax does not tax “used” goods but it is important to note that HR25 has a legal definition of the term “used”.  This is necessary to ensure that items are taxed only once and to preven...

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Are gaming activities taxed under the FairTax?
Yes, gaming activities are taxed under the FairTax; however, given the impracticality of taxing the purchase of lottery tickets or casino chips and the like, the tax is levied on the establishment run...

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How will the FairTax affect military personnel?
Under the Fair Tax, the sale of goods at military exchanges and commissaries is taxable because the FairTax is a federal sales tax. However, the FairTax repeals the entire income tax/payroll tax syst...

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How does the FairTax affect wages and prices?
Americans who produce goods and earn wages must pay significant tax and compliance costs under the current federal income tax. These taxes and costs both reduce after-tax wages and profits and are th...

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Why not just exempt food and medicine from the tax? Wouldn’t that be fair and simple?
Exempting items by category is neither fair nor simple. Respected economists have shown that the wealthy spend much more on unprepared food, clothing, housing, and medical care than do the poor. Exe...

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