FairTax.org has conducted extensive policy research and commissioned a variety of issue papers on the economic impact of the FairTax on various sectors of industry and individual taxpayers. This work has been conducted in a nonpartisan manner, and the results are made freely available here. We are also providing transcripts of testimony about the FairTax delivered to the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Committee on Small Business.

Click on the topic headings below to view the studies and papers. (All documents listed below are in PDF format. You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view these documents. To download the free PDF reader, click here.)

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Real Estate Real Estate & Home Ownership

The FairTax treatment of housing
  An analysis of the home building industry and the housing market shows that both greatly benefit from enactment of the FairTax.

Why residential Realtors support the FairTax
  The current income tax system punishes those who would own property. Harvey Abernethy discusses the FairTax provisions that encourage home ownership.

Promoting home ownership: How the FairTax's benefits for homeowners exceed the mortgage interest deduction
  Under the FairTax home purchases are more tax advantaged than they are today. For working Americans, the “true cost” of buying a home goes down.