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Tax books don't often make the bestseller list...unless they're on the FairTax!
Check out the bestsellers from Neal Boortz and John Linder, as well as the newest addition: The FairTax Solution by Ken Hoagland, published in March 2010.
The FairTax Solution by Ken Hoagland
The FairTax Solution:
Financial Justice for All Americans

By Ken Hoagland
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Praise for The FairTax Solution:

"The income tax has penalized the success of hardworking Americans and damaged our economy for far too long. Hoagland describes the shortest and best path to a new era of growth and the restoration of the American dream."
--Former Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee

"Hoagland makes crystal clear the danger of keeping hidden the true linkage between government spending and each citizen's earnings. This book makes obvious that without the FairTax, the United States will never bring the spending profligacy of representative government under control."
--Former U.S. senator Mike Gravel (D-AK)

"Hoagland writes convincingly for the national tax policy change that, with passage, will do more for American liberty, economic healing, and common sense than any other single piece of legislation.”
--Neal Boortz, radio Hall of Famer, coauthor of The FairTax Book, and nationally syndicated talk show host

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The FairTax Book
Neal Boortz, John Linder
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FairTax: The Truth: Answering the Critics
Neal Boortz, John Linder
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