Take Action Now for the FairTax

Want to help make the FairTax a reality? Then check out just a few of the ways you can take action and support the FairTax cause right now.

 Contact Congress  

Support on Capitol Hill for the FairTax Bill (H.R. 25 and S. 13) continues to grow with new co-sponsors joining the cause. Take a moment now to tell your own Members in the House and Senate why you support the FairTax, and why they should too.

Send Congress a message now »

Or tell Chairman Camp to schedule a FairTax Hearing »

 Buy FairTax Gear 

Show your true colors—and support for the FairTax cause—by picking up some official FairTax-branded gear! Check out the wide mix of options from bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs to hats and t-shirts—perfect for FairTax rallies, or everyday use. Buy FairTax gear now »

 Find Local State Leaders 

Want to get involved to support the FairTax at your local or state level? Then find a a list of grassroots leaders in your area. They can provide with information on local events, meetings, and speaking engagements to promote the FairTax in your community. Find local leaders now »

 Grow the FairTax Network

Join some of the most active state, national sites and social networking sites and help promote the FairTax online. Many aren't affiliated with FairTax.org but they still have some great content and lots of activity where you can show your support. Grow the FairTax Network now »

Make a FairTax Video  

Want to see an amazing FairTax video? Check out the entry by grassroots activist Paul Wizikowski who answers our challenge questions, "What the FairTax would mean to you." After watching the video, share it with friends, and consider making one of your own to post on YouTube! Watch the video now »

Send a FairTax eCard  

Take a moment to send one of our special "Before and After the FairTax" eCards to make sure everyone your family and friends know there is a better way than our current federal income tax system. Send a FairTax eCard now »