Anyone Can Plan a FairTax Meeting or Event! advances through the work of its volunteer supporters – you! One of the most vital things you can do is spread the word about the FairTax, and one of the best ways to do that is through a meeting or event. A meeting can be something informal held at your home or office, where you invite friends, neighbors or co-workers to learn about the alternatives to the current tax system. A meeting can also be more formal, or held in conjunction with local business organizations, chambers of commerce outreach, civic clubs, etc. For tips on how to organize an event or meeting, go here.

Setting up a FairTax table or booth at events, whether organized by you or others, can be another effective way to get the FairTax message out. These may be a state or county fair, sporting event, dog show, art festival – anywhere a lot of people will be passing by. Our volunteers regularly attend such events and we have developed some “best practices” for how to get the most from your time and effort. You can find those here.

To request a speaker, contact us at, or go to the Request a Speaker page and fill out the form.

Don’t forget radio shows and personal appearances that you can help organize with our media team! Contact them at

Be creative, and let us know how you can help achieve the goal of passing the FairTax and repealing the 16th Amendment!