The FairTax Business Pledge

The FairTax has many significant benefits for the American economy. Among them is a lower tax burden on American businesses leading to lower costs for goods and services. The purpose of the FairTax Pledge is to demonstrate to the American people that businesses will pass on these cost savings to the consumer.

To take the FairTax Business Pledge download either the PDF or Word Document format of the pledge, fill out the form and send a printed, signed copy to FairTax Central.

The FairTax Business Pledge (PDF)
The FairTax Business Pledge (Word Document)

To assure we only have legitimate pledges on file at, we are obliged to have a physical document signed by an authorized company representative. Please be sure your e-mail address is correct, so that we may communicate with you on a timely basis in the future.

Mail your completed pledge to:

Americans for Fair Taxation
ATTN: Business Pledge
3900 Essex Lane Suite #328
Houston, Texas 77027

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