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The Iowa Caucuses are over! FairTax supporters kept the bus moving throughout Iowa and made the FairTax a pivotal issue. Click here for more.

Read the Final Blog from the FairTax Bus in Iowa
Updated 01/04/08


FairTax Bus

Check out video from the last FairTax bus tour of Iowa in August!

Why Iowans Support the FairTax

  • The FairTax is fair: No more tax loopholes, deductions, exemptions, or tax lobbyists—every Iowan and every American is treated the same.

  • The FairTax strengthens Medicare and Social Security, wipes out federal taxes on America’s low-income families, provides far better tax treatment for each income level, and lets all of us take home our whole paycheck.

  • The FairTax rescues the "Made in America" label, helps our Iowa farmers and workers, and requires illegal immigrants to pay federal taxes as consumers.

  • The FairTax is simple: No more IRS, audits, complex tax code, or preparing and filing tax returns! 

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We encourage our supporters to attend various campaign events and represent the FairTax. It is important that our supporters understand the legal restrictions on interaction with campaigns and candidates on behalf of Click here to view the guidelines.

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Meet the leadership team

Click here to “meet” Brian Kennedy, Mark Lucas, Todd Versteegh, and Michael Studdert. Feel free to contact any member of the team for more information on the FairTax or for ways to get involved!

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