FairTax: Fire Up Our Economic Engine

In this unforgettable video saga, we chronicle how the federal income tax system has eroded the American economy and outline a brilliant, yet simple plan for total tax replacement.

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Want to make a difference and become part of the next "rights" movement - the right to a fair tax system? We're looking for an additional 1.3 million activists. It's the minimum number of volunteers to get Washington's attention.

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There is a simple, transparent and bipartisan solution - the FairTax® Plan - that will strengthen our economy, significantly improve employment, and allow people to keep what they earn.

Big Change Takes Courage. The time for Tax Replacement is NOW!
The reason it's not a topic in Washington is because we, the people, are not making it an issue. When millions of voters make noise, Washington listens. MAKE NOISE. Unemployment in the U.S. has stagnated above 8% for the past 42 months. That's frightening; for us, for our kids, and for our economy.

Taxation is not a Democrat or Republican issue - it's an AMERICAN issue. Young and old must unite to send the message to Washington. SHARE this with every one you know.

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