FairTax America Support Team (F.A.S.T) Board

          The purpose of the FAST Board is to organize and manage the grassroots volunteer effort as part of the overall endeavor to educate the public about the FairTax in furtherance of its mission.

          The FAST Board shall develop, mentor, evaluate and motivate the performance of national, regional, state and special project groups and take steps to organize active FairTax groups in geographic areas where none exist.

          The purpose of the FAST Board is co-extensive with the purposes and powers of AFFT as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation, as amended. The FAST Board shall execute the strategic and tactical plans agreed to in consultation with AFFT.

FAST Board Members

Jim Bennett, Secretery james@jamesbennett.com

Kristina Bouterse, Member fairtaxvolusia@gmail.com

Roger Buchholtz, Member orientamericanore@juno.com

John Collett, Chair Johncollet@aol.com

Steve Curtis, Member s.curtis@ohfairtax.org

Sam Kemp, Member samkemp.kemp0@gmail.com

Mike McLean, Member mike@grassrootsfreedomride.com 

Marilyn Rickert, Member fairtaxnow@aol.com

Aaron Schutte, AFFT Member Aaron.Schutte@FairTax.org

Jamie Wheeler, Member nomoreirs@aol.com