Donating Your Time

Most often when people hear the word “donate,” they immediately think of financial contributions. Although passing initiatives such as the FairTax does cost money, the other key factor needed for success is an active grassroots membership. Throwing money at tax reform won’t get the FairTax passed – impassioned supporters will!

There are opportunities for involvement scattered throughout our site. Whether your specialty is writing, organizing, networking, or whatever - we need your time and talent!

If you work well with groups, contact your local leaders through the Volunteer Network.   The Volunteer Network
Find Local Leaders
If you’re a “solitary soul” get busy writing letters to your elected officials and local newspapers.   Contact Congress
Contact the Media
Business professionals can parlay networking skills into forming business coalitions and seeking the support of your industry affiliations.   Build a Business Coalition
FairTax Business Pledge

In the meantime, add a bumper sticker or window decal to your car, wear a FairTax T-shirt to the gym, and be prepared to answer the questions that will come your way. You’ll be surprised how much time you can “donate” while you’re simply living your life!

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