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Grassroots at Work:
Creating the FairTax Game

FairTaxer Terry Powell had a dream-- to create a board game built around FairTax concepts and the pitfalls of the income tax system--that could teach people about the advantages of the FairTax while they were having fun. Like millions of other American entrepreneurs, Terry risked his own money, used his own creativity and drive—and created the FairTax game. Learn more about the game and pre-order a copy now at

FairTax Game

What will make the FairTax a reality? You.

National momentum for the FairTax continues to grow, and thanks to supporters like you, we continue to make gains for the only plan that fulfills the promise of comprehensive tax reform fit for the 21st century. But despite this progress, we still have plenty of work to do to make the FairTax a reality. 

Here are some things you can do today to help our nation.

1. Tell five friends about why you support the FairTax. Then send them the link to Ask these individuals to join us in championing the only comprehensive tax reform plan in our nation developed, researched and funded by average American citizens like you.

2. Tell your Congressman where you stand in just one minute on our website, here. You can personalize your message or add powerful bullet points from the latest research here, or the FairTax Fundamentals white paper, here

3. network with other FairTaxers on our Facebook page at and find local volunteer leaders here.

4. Make a monthly contribution to FairTax. A recurring contribution really helps our team drive home to Congress the American people want the FairTax!