Join us in Writing American History

Any profound change in public policy requires citizen involvement. Only then will we force a change on those Members of Congress unwilling to give up the power and the political advantages of control over federal taxes.

Here’s how you can help win this citizen-driven reform to help all Americans regardless of income level or political affiliation.

We the People…  
Please add your name to the hundreds of thousands of citizens who have joined us. As we move the effort forward, we will be contacting you with FairTax updates and progress reports. We will also be marshalling calls-to-action, developing coordinated communications that will be presented to elected officials in Washington at moments when all our combined voices will do the most good. These will provide powerful reminders to Members of Congress of the role of the American citizen in directing government, and will ultimately help bring us success.

Join us!

It Costs Money…
No doubt about it buying radio and TV ads, putting up billboards, hiring staff to support the growing number of supporters all of this costs money. Our ability to wage a national campaign depends upon contributions. Any fraction of what you will save in taxes under the FairTax is greatly appreciated.

Fund the FairTax Campaign

Contribute Time…
Once you’ve taken the initial step of signing a petition, get involved! We have plenty to do and lots of different ways to make use of your individual talents! We know your time is valuable and that’s what makes you irreplaceable as a FairTax advocate!

The Volunteer Network