Tax Day in D.C.

bus at US CapitolApril 15, 2008

The FairTax Bus was in Washington on Tax Day for the delivery of the April 15th "Pass the FairTax" petition to Congress. Here are some shots of our favorite road warrior at some famous DC landmarks including the U.S. Capitol, the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima flag-raising statue), and, sadly, IRS headquarters.

bus at Iwo Jima memorial





bus at IRS







FairTax and Barack visit Austin

February 28, 2008

FairTax bus in HoustonBright and early (6:15 am) this morning we are poised  to see and be seen at the morning Barack Obama event in Austin. Because of our early arrival here we are once again poised inside the satellite park that always springs up at these big nationally significant political events.

For Barack attendance is not a problem, the tickets for the event were gone within minutes after they became available in the Austin area and this morning we are taking advantage of the sales opportunity this offers Fairtax.

With the free T-shirt stand operating outside the Austin Convention Center we are offering our message to the thousands who are gathering for the event.

It is always surprising how many people have heard of us or seen us before, but when you look back at the distances and states we have been in during the last 50 plus days, it just shows plain old hard work pays off. For those of you have not seen our regular reports, since January 1, 2008 we have participated in major presidential campaign events in Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and now Texas. And in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina, we have created and hosted presidential events.

So we have many more "taxing conversations" to have and T-shirts to give away before we sleep. And by the way if you see us, honk. Everyone else does because of the big sign on the back of the bus that says, "Honk if you want to keep more of you paycheck."


Back on the bus, back on the road

February 27, 2008

FairTax bus and John McCain's bus in Tyler, TX

This morning the FairTax bus was in Tyler, TX for the man many consider to be the next Republican nominee for president, John McCain. From as early as 7:00 am people were lined up outside of the Tyler Rose Garden Center to hear the Arizona Senator speak. With a crowd of 600 to 700 people and the bus parked right outside, we handed out hundreds of T-shirts.  There were also local high school classes in attendance which were more than happy to take information and T-shirts. Just before the event started we were able to hand some of the new FairTax polo shirts to McCain's staffers. Hopefully, we will see Senator McCain wearing the FairTax shirt sometime soon!

This evening we headed to Austin and the University of Texas campus.  Former President Bill Clinton spoke on behalf of his wife Senator Hillary Clinton, and her campaign.  There were several hundred students in attendance and almost all of them were glad to receive a free FairTax T-shirt.

Tomorrow we'll attend an early morning event tomorrow with Senator Barack Obama. Stay tuned for more from the road on the Fair Tax "Dare to Be Fair" bus.

-Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer

Senator John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" bus is lined up
next to our "Dare to Be Fair" FairTax bus in Tyler, Texas.
You can only guess our bus was giving the Senator's bus the
straight scoop on America's broken federal tax system.


FairTax bus rides through Florida

January 22, 2008

Over the last two days we have traveled extensively all over the Sunshine State.  We've seen many of the bigger tourist sites such as The Daytona International Speedway, Disney's Magical Kingdom, Epcot Center, Sea World, Universal Studios, and the World's Largest Artificial Orange!  Everywhere we go we find supporters and fans of FairTax.  Some international tourists have even taken a liking to the FairTax concept!

Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer

FairTax bus at Daytona Speedway

FairTax bus at Disney World

FairTax bus and the big orange

January 19, 2008 - Surf's up and so is the FairTax!

Surf's up and so is the FairTaxToday, we drove towards Neptune Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Although the weather wasn’t quite what most people would consider “Floridian”, we still found some young surfers carving up the waves. Several of them were students at the University of North Florida and were glad to have a dry FairTax shirt to put on. We managed to beat the heavy rain and get a nice picture of the surfers with their boards next to the FairTax bus.

After visiting the beach we drove back into Jacksonville to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. We passed out FairTax T-shirts to families going to see the “Greatest Show On Earth”. We found many FairTax supporters and several families were more than happy to adorn their children in FairTax T-shirts.

This evening we went to a Mitt Romney event at the University Center of UNF. Even with heavy rain, there were plenty of people who came to hear the former Massachusetts Governor speak. We passed out dozens of FairTax T-shirts to people walking into the event. We were happy to see that many people attending were avid FairTax supporters as well as local volunteers for both Romney and FairTax. Hopefully Governor Romney will soon embrace the FairTax as many of his supporters have!

Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer 


FairTax bus rides through South Carolina

January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney, Univ of SC, Columbia


Fresh off his primary win in Michigan, former MA governor Mitt Romney came to Columbia, SC and FairTax was there too!  This evening we took the FairTax bus to the University of South Carolina and the Russell House Student Union for an "Ask Mitt Anything" event.  While the FairTax bus toured the campus, a few of us went inside and handed out some shirts to people attending the rally.  Several of Mitt Romney's supporters were very aware of the FairTax and had already become fans.  After hearing the governor and his family speak we headed back home to prepare for Florida.

Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer 



January 15, 2008

roadside supporters wavingA busy day for Michigan and the FairTax Bus Tour!  This morning we drove the area around the South Carolina State Capital complex and handed out FairTax T-shirts to a group heading in for a tour.  Most of the people were from SC LTA (South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance), a group that aids students with paying for college.  Many of them were more than happy to take a T-shirt after a brief explanation of the FairTax.

After leaving the State Capital we headed to the town of Summerville, SC.  We met some local FairTax volunteers at a busy intersection to hold signs and banners for the rush hour traffic.  In less than an hour we had several people join us by the road as well.

FairTax Bus in front of McCain event at Hibernia Hall


Tonight we drove to Charleston for Senator John McCain’s “Election Night Results Watch Party”.  We parked directly in front of Senator McCain’s event at the Hibernian Hall.  With the importance of the Michigan Primary results, McCain’s role in the primary process, and his choice to come to South Carolina to watch the results, every news network in the United States was focused on tonight’s event.  And the Dare To Be Fair bus was parked right in the middle of it all.  Along with the help of local volunteers we passed T-shirts to people walking inside.  Several national news crews even came to the bus for T-shirts and to show support for the FairTax.

Steve Leroy
FairTax On the Road

January 13, 2008

FairTax Bus outside Hillary Clinton rally, Jan 13, 2008Today the Dare to Be Fair bus traveled to see Hillary Clinton at Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina.  Columbia College was founded in 1854 and is a private, liberal arts, women's college that is associated with the United Methodist Church.

Arriving about an hour before the event started, we were able to pass out several dozen FairTax tee shirts and talk to a lot of Hillary '08 campaign volunteers.  Many of them had heard of the FairTax but did not know what it was, or thought it was something else.  Some of the younger volunteers had a lot of questions that we were able to answer.  They were all very excited about the FairTax after hearing more about it!

During the event several local political celebrities made short speeches before introducing Senator Clinton.  Along with local and Columbia College staff speakers were US Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the BET cable channel's founder Robert Johnson, and Richard Riley.  Richard Riley is a former governor of South Carolina as well as the former Secretary of Education under President Bill Clinton.

Almost all of the speakers mentioned that growing the economy and helping the middle class are big priorities for the 2008 election.  Let us hope that they will soon embrace the FairTax as the way to help accomplish those goals!

Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer

January 10, 2008 -  Myrtle Beach Rally

Click here for the story and photos from the Myrtle Beach Rally.


FairTax bus rolls through the Iowa Caucuses!

January 3, 2008 - Caucus Day

9:30 pm

It's over! The Iowa caucus has come and gone. Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee were the big winners. A lot of people are talking about how the FairTax faithful were instrumentally involved the the caucus. The Iowa GOP re-instated the FairTax on their platform.

It has been a wonderful ride here in Iowa. Our state has never seen an issue campaign that has been so organized and instrumental in our caucus.

On to New Hampshire and South Carolina!

Warmest Regards,

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director

1:30 pm

College Republicans and FairTax bus at Iowa CaucusesHi, my name is Mike Currie. I am a FairTax volunteer.  I came down to Des Moines today to help the Iowa Bus Tour crew finish up some last minute campaigning hours before the caucus!  I was joined by several College Republican/FairTax compatriots on a tour of the Huckabee headquarters.  The tour began in the front office and was cut drastically short due to a faulty elevator that left us stuck for nearly an hour.  A rousing rendition of “God Bless America” lifted our spirits as the elevator workers managed to relieve us of our detention.  Once free, we toured the phone banking area and were lucky to see Governor Huckabee’s son and daughter working hard on the phones!  That’s all for now, time is winding down (4 and ? hours) before the caucus begins!

Mike Currie
Iowa FairTax Volunteer

Hi, my name is Greg Baker, and I am a University of Iowa student and a FairTax volunteer.  Today, I brought along 15 members of the national College Republican organization.  The group included members of the Iowa College Republicans and also members of Illinois and Ohio.  We all took a two hour tour on the FairTax bus.  We began with an introduction of what the FairTax is and continued on with several FairTax videos.  The group was very receptive with the FairTax.  Many have heard of it before, but were not sure if they supported it.  Now they are strong FairTax supports and they will bring the FairTax back to their home state.  Our tour concluded with a visit to the Mike Huckabee headquaters where we toured his office.  However, our tour time was greatly lost due to us being stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes.  Most said this will be an event they will never forget.  The FairTax bus tour will forever be on their minds.

Greg Baker
Iowa FairTax Volunteer

9:15 am

Senator Fred Thompson has seen the FairTax campaign bus everywhere, including on caucus day at the West Des Moines Marriot. A crowd of close to 300 people were blanketed in FairTax apparel reminding the Senator one last time that Iowans love the FairTax.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director

9:00 am

We went to Marriott in West Des Moines to see Fred Thompson at a "Meet and Greet."  After a quick search for the correct ballroom, we handed out T-shirts from our "Iowa Dare to Be Fair" tour bus.  Many of the "Fred 08" supporters were more than happy to receive a free FairTax shirt.  Hopefully, they will sway Senator Thompson to embrace the FairTax!

Later today we will be touring Des Moines with College Republicans from all over the Midwest and nation.  Check back soon for more updates!

Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer

7:15 am

Good Morning America at Drake Diner w/ FairTaxersThe FairTax campaign in Iowa had a 4:30 AM wakeup call this morning. We visited the Drake Diner in Des Moines on the campus of Drake University. The diner was filled with campaign volunteers hoping to be seen on ABC's Good Morning America. The Iowa FairTax team was handing out T-shirts and enjoying breakfast with political celebrities and television personalities.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director



January 2, 2008
2:05 pm

Indianola, Iowa

FairTax bus with Chris Dodd campaign busThe Iowa FairTax team enjoyed a great lunch at the Signature’s Grill in Indianola, Iowa. We handed out FairTax shirts to Senator Chris Dodd supporters after enjoying a large plate of onion rings and sandwiches. The Senator arrived in a black and gold bus outfitted with an endorsement from the International Association of Firefighters. It pulled alongside our FairTax campaign bus, which gave the national media another glimpse of our campaign in action.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director






December 31, 2007

Fred Thompson at TamaThe FairTax campaign bus was parked in front of King Tower Diner awaiting Sen. Fred Thompson for lunch. A crowd of close to a hundred people was covered with FairTax shirts and hats waiting to greet him. Thompson spoke about his experience in government and the major issues of the campaign.

When it was time for questions he called on a lady decked out in FairTax attire. He grabbed a FairTax hat sitting at her table and showed the audience then said, "Let me guess what your question is about." He talked about the inequality our current tax code creates and then spoke about entitlement reform.

Before Thompson left Tama he was handed a FairTax sweatshirt from one of our volunteers. With a big smile he said, "Well thank you, darling." That topped off a wonderful event that was well attended by the national press corps. Our volunteers are showing up at almost every presidential event in Iowa and the press is noticing.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director


December 30, 2007

The FairTax bus is our working command post during the primary season. The plasma TV’s, Internet connection, and fully stocked refrigerators allow us to wage the most successful issue campaign in modern political history. The televisions greet our guests with FairTax informational and campaign video footage. Our storage bays are filled with FairTax shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. 

For those that have not been on the bus here are some of the amenities you found when you visited us while we traveled through Maine, New Hampshire, the District of Columbia, Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Also look for us in many more states in the near future. 

Seating for up to 28
3 work space tables
Effective AC units with room-by-room controls
Doors to separate various rooms
3 Plasma TV’s
2 DVD players
2 DirecTV in-motion satellite receivers
High-speed wireless Internet
Coffee-maker (absolutely imperative for effective campaigning)

The bus has been home to many of us on the FairTax since July and during the last six months we have logged over 21,000 miles and in Iowa we have driven nearly 4000 miles.

FairTax bus interior

Like any proud family member I thought you might take a look inside so here is the view from the front to the back inside the “Reagan”, the nickname of our bus provided to us by Premier Transportation of Nashville, Tennessee.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director

December 29, 2007

My name is Greg Baker and I am a student at the University of Iowa.  Over my Christmas break I have had the opportunity to ride along on the FairTax bus tour in Iowa.  We are seeing all the candidates and their supporters throughout Iowa’s 99 counties and informing them about the FairTax. As a volunteer I hope they take this newly found knowledge to the caucuses on January 3.

Yesterday, December 28, we had attended the Iowa Stars hockey game in Des Moines, Iowa.  I helped other supporters greet Stars fans from throughout central Iowa.  They received information, great looking t-shirts, and even better looking hats.  FairTax apparel could be found on fans throughout the arena.  One young man came up and said his teacher told him about the FairTax in his economics class.  I was just delighted to hear there are more people than just us talking about the FairTax.  It goes to show you that taxes are on people’s minds.

Today, December 29, I am traveling on the FairTax bus in central Iowa.  We began our morning at a Rudy Giuliani event in Clive, Iowa.  The bus was parked right in front of the headquarters for the staff and supporters to see.  It was also in the eyes of the national media that has begun to flow into Iowa like a storm.  T-shirts and hats were handed out to people as they walked in the doors.  Everyone was very receptive and enthusiastic about FairTax.  Our bus driver John honked at Rudy as he got out of his SUV.  Rudy turned around, smiled, and waved.

John Edwards exits his campaign busFollowing the Rudy event the bus headed down to Indianola, Iowa for a Mike Huckabee event.  There we enjoyed a good burger and listened to Governor Huckabee talk about the FairTax and other parts of his platform.  Following his speech we handed t-shirts and hats to the crowd.  The crowd was one again very supportive and enthusiastic about the FairTax.  After the two events we were out of t-shirts and hats.

Now we are reloading the bus and getting ready to head to a John Edwards event in Knoxville, Iowa.  We are expecting the same amount of success there as we had in Clive and Indianola.  Following the Edwards event we will close for the night.  I plan to return to the bus tomorrow and help at a Barrack Obama event.  I am proud to report to America that the FairTax bus is plowing tax reform into Iowa.  I expect other states to join us in this national campaign.

Greg Baker
University of Iowa
FairTax Volunteer

December 20, 2007

FairTax bus, volunteers, and several real turkeysIn the spirit of giving during this holiday season we visited the Iowa Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is one of the nation's leaders in providing food, clothing, and life's necessities to people in need throughout the holiday season. 

Our FairTax bus delivered turkeys, canned goods, as well as other non-perishable items to the Salvation Army's headquarters.  With the help of Captain Oliver Knuth and Major Keith Petrie, the kind-hearted volunteers helped us unload our donations.

The members of FairTax would like to wish everyone and their families a safe and happy holiday season! With your help we can make the FairTax dream come true and allow people to be more generous during the holiday season and indeed year-round.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director

December 19, 2007

Today, we took the FairTax bus to Jordan Creek Town Center in Des Moines, Iowa for a Gov. Mike Huckabee event. The room was packed with supporters and the national news media. The crowd was covered with FairTax shirts, hats, and signage. Gov. Huckabee himself proudly accepted a FairTax sweatshirt. The event was a great success in letting the national media know our supporters are passionate about this issue.

We closed out the day with the Mitt Romney Christmas party at the Sheraton Hotel in West Des Moines. The Romney campaign spared no expense when it came to making a good impression on the people of Iowa. The food, drinks, and entertainment were plentiful and of the highest quality. We enjoyed talking to people about the FairTax.

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director

December 17, 2007

FairTax & Edwards' buses in Iowa
The race is on to the finish line in Iowa. Today we are in second
place to the Edwards bus but as you will see over the next two
weeks we will be closing strong in Iowa.
Today we are in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids and our first stop is the holy grail of eastern Iowa Politics.  Yes, folks, the world of both political parties has one common location, Hamburg Inn No. 2.  Why No. 2?  Because No. 1 burned down.  If you're a West Wing fan, you may remember this famous Iowa landmark from the "King Corn" episode in 2005.  You can eat your burger next to the "Reagan Table" and underneath the dozens of placards and signs for some of America's greatest leaders.  And after lunch and some schedule planning, a FairTax sign has been added to the wall of 2008 signs and posters.

From Iowa City we headed to Cedar Rapids and the scenic campus of Coe College.  We were able to get some good pictures of the FairTax bus along side of John Edwards' bus.  One of our team managed some back stage time with Edwards senior staff where they traded stories about the good old days of stumping for caucus votes in the 1970s and the '80s.Then it was back to Iowa City and to the Antique Auto Museum of Iowa and one of Hillary Clinton's "Every County Counts Tour." Our voice certainly counted when we parked the  "Dare to Be Fair"  bus right outside the  event doors. 

After braving the arctic temperatures of the Iowa tundra and handing out a few dozen hats and tee shirts, we headed back to Des Moines to catch some needed rest for the morning Barack Obama visibility event. Tonight we meet the "Rockettes" at their visibility Christmas event.

Tyler Cate
FairTax Volunteer

December 11, 2007

Mark J. LucasThe political atmosphere in Iowa is just as exciting as the weather we've been experiencing. The weather this week has been a mix of rain, sleet, snow, and political heavyweights. The FairTax bus has been fearlessly charging forward to advance our cause.

Last Saturday Barack Obama arrived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Oprah Winfrey. The atmosphere was one of the most electrifying I've ever experienced in Iowa politics. The best part of the event was that FairTax volunteers greeted thousands of Obama supporters with a very effective piece of literature. You could look inside the auditorium and see the whole crowd read through our handout explaining how Oprah and every American could donate more to charity if the FairTax was in place. The mainstream media also couldn't ignore our presence thanks to the FairTax bus being parked in front of the U.S. Cellular Center and their satellite trucks!

Last night, former President Bill Clinton visited the University of Iowa on behalf of his wife. The weather was very nasty outside but that didn't divert his supporters or our FairTax volunteers from the event. We handed out hundreds of placards, hats and t-shirts to the Clinton faithful. In fact, six of our volunteers were sitting in the front row to show President Clinton that Iowans support the FairTax.

It has been an exciting week having the FairTax bus here in Iowa. We will continue to drive the bus all across Iowa leading up until the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd. I look forward to telling more tales from the road!

Mark J. Lucas
Iowa State Director