January 24 & 25, 2008

Obama and FairTaxers 1 - 600 pxBARACK OBAMA: 
Barack Obama spoke with about 1,500 supporters in Beaufort, SC Thursday, January 24,  at Battery Creek High School. My husband, George, and I wore our white FairTax sweatshirts that we got at the Myrtle Beach Rally. They have the large FairTax logo on both sides and were VERY visible in the audience. We arrived early enough that we had good seats on the floor level of the gym. I also took a FairTax Book with me. During Obama's speech, when he mentioned the economy, taxes, or lobbyists, etc. I held up and waved the FairTax book.

When he said he would take questions, I immediately held up my hand and he called on me first. I think I said something like: "I read this FairTax Book at my public library. This bill in Congress will solve the future funding of Social Security and Medicare as well as replace our broken IRS tax system with a simple sales tax. Will you endorse the FairTax?" He responded with something like, "I know about the FairTax. Let me try to tell the audience what it is." He was 75% accurate, but left out the prebate and embedded compliance costs.

When he said it was not good for the poor, I shook my head "no" and mouthed "THE PREBATE." At that point he said he “couldn't debate me now”, but felt it was something to look into more. 

Obama and FairTaxers 2 - 600Then he took more Q& A from audience. At the end, my husband and I were able to give him The FairTax Book. He was appreciative. I suggested that he let Michele read it and that it was GOOD for the poor. He smiled and later told my husband that "your wife gave me the book!"    Afterwards, we had a few people come up and say they were also for the FairTax. Others who wanted to know more about it, so we gave them pocket cards.

Michelle Obama visited Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Hilton Head Friday morning, Jan. 25 with the program set to begin at 10:00 am. She gave a very inspiring talk. I was able to get a seat in the middle about the 5th row back. I again wore my FairTax logo sweatshirt so the press and others knew of my presence! At the end I gave Ms. Obama another FairTax Book with an envelope containing my brief speech that I give to local Rotary clubs. My thought was if they couldn’t read the book right away, they could at least read the speech and see that FairTax is non-partisan and good for low income people.

A FairTax supporter sent me the following message: “Bill Clinton has praised the Fair Tax when asked about it at an HRC fundraiser in NY last month." He also pointed to my Fair Tax sweatshirt while answering a question during his recent visit regarding the need for some sort of tax reform. We are getting noticed!

-- Karen Heitman
FairTax Volunteer